Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Miscellany July 2nd 2006

Boy crying in front of his home in BaqubaThis child was photographed today in front of his home in Baquba*. The child behind him with the shrapnel wound to his throat is his brother. Two of his siblings were killed earlier today.

Baquba's about 50 Km north of Baghdad and is the capital of Diyala governorate (province) it's at the centre of an agricultural district mostly orange groves. It's a Sunni town and is a centre of resistance to the American occupation of Iraq and the new government.

In the South of the country in Samawah the capital of the Al Muthanna Governorate which borders Saudi Arabia police and residents staged a protest against the dismissal of 200 police officers.

Dismissed police and residents protest in SamawahThe Australian contingent of the occupation forces have recently moved to Samawah which has an almost entirely Shi'ite population.

At the time of writing, midday Sunday July 2nd 2006, there had been three confirmed car bombings in Baghdad all of them in the Karrada district three fatalities and twenty casualties have so far been reported. Finally Saddam's eldest daughter and his first wife have been put on the Iraqi government's most-wanted list along with a lot of Baathists which makes me wonder how seriously the "olive branch" offered by Nour al-Maliki to his Sunni compatriots was intended. Mr. Maliki isn't in the "Green Zone" at present he's travelling round the GCC states asking them to help him get his government established.


Notes: * According to mfi's notes the name comes from Baya 'quba, which means the "House of Jacob." In Arabic that would be Yaqub, or sometimes you'll see it written as Yacoub. Whichever way you see it written he's the same prophet known in the Old Testament as Jacob. He's not mentioned in very much detail in the Koran that I can see except to say that his legacy was the righteous practice of bowing in worship to the one true God (Allah) and that this legacy which shared with Jews and Christians is one of the bases of salvation.

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