Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Do Not Care How You Vote

7 year old child killed Baghdad todayAdil was shot by gunmen in al-karkh today. He was seven years old. His sister Zeynab was killed by the same gunmen. She was five.

They were the innocent victims of the American imperial project. America wants Iraq weak, divided, dependent, a place for bases, and a source of oil. From Iraq, America believes, she can "definitively dominate" the entire Middle East

America believes she has the right to dominate.

Nothing in the American election will change this. The Democrats are marginally less barbaric than the Republicans it is true. They are marginally less incompetent than the Republicans, that is true also. But when it comes to how they treat Arabs they are just as imperialistic, just as corrupt, just as racist as the Republicans.

I do not care which American imperialist sits in the White House. I do not care which American imperialist party controls the American legislature. I do not care about their squabbles over which corrupt and racist American corporation gets to simultaneously loot both my country and the American treasury. It is irrelevant.

I do not care if, or how, you vote.

All that I care about is that American imperial troops are in my homeland. All that I care about is that they be expelled. There is only one language that America has ever spoken to me and to my people. And that is the language of contempt of racism of violence of pain of greed and of blood.

I do not doubt that there are many good Americans who are sincerely apalled at what is happening, at what is being done to my people by their country.

But there are not enough of them to make a difference. Just as there were not enough "good Germans" to make a difference.

Empires react to one thing and to one thing only. Loss. Loss of power. Loss of money. Loss of blood. I do not forget and I do not forgive that the Democrats voted to support this war of conquest. I do not forget and I do not forgive that they care only that it was not "done right." You have smashed your way into my home. You have set fire to my holy places. You have sent Clinton's lieing whore to tell me that my children's groans as they die of hunger and of cancer are "worth it." You have sent Bush's lieing whore to tell me that the screams of my children as they writhe on the ground dieing are the "birth pangs" of the New Middle East. I do not care how you vote.

I care only that you be forced to leave my home.




Ali (al-Basrawi),










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