Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Muqtada Is All That Remains For Us

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From Al Jazeera English - Archive:

House of al-Sadr

Most of Sadr City's residents continue to follow the fatwas and religious declarations of Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr even though he is dead.

His memory, more than any other, is a touchstone for the community, a reminder of courage and collective loss.

And the emotion towards al-Sadr extends protectively to his son.

"Muqtada lived the tragedy of the people as did his father," says Muhammad of al-Muhsin mosque. "The people who lived here and suffered, who were dispossessed and exhausted, who fought the wars, who were denied education and jobs and lost loved ones and everything during the time of Saddam.

"He is the son of the people. The father died and now we only have one left. When I think they could kill him, I see the fire of hell in my eyes.

"He's the son of the revolutionary; the only one who stood up to Saddam Hussein," echoes Aqil the police officer. "His family sacrificed and was killed off. Now, Muqtada is all that remains for us."

I always have greatest difficulties communicating to Westerners who have never been to Iraq why so many of us are Sadrists. Sometimes it is good to be prepared! I knew that I would tired after taking part in todays ceremonies and writing accounts of them. I did some preparatory searching in the English language last week. May God be thanked for clusty.com. Happily I soon found the page I was looking for. If you still do not understand ask our host who is after all a westerner.

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