Tuesday, November 21, 2006

None Of This Is News

murdered by American death squadThe young man whose body you are looking at was violently removed from his home in Ramadi last Sunday night. His captors were a mix of armed foreigners from the USA and their collaborators from Iraq. The term used for such groupings is "Death Squad." The American army in Iraq openly acts as a death squad.

No doubt there will be the usual denials, denials not even meant to deceive. "Pro forma" denials. No doubt there will be the usual attempts to smear the victim. It may even be true that he was a member of the resistance to the imperial American rape of his home and his people. It may well be that he had had the temerity to resist the brutal racist rape of his home and his people by taking up arms to deter and punish the American army that is so busily engaged in raping his home and his people. What of it?

If the Americans were truly interested in bringing peace to Ramadi, to Iraq, he would not have been first tortured, then murdered, and his violated corpse dumped as a warning to the uppity sand niggers Arabs.

What is important is that the imperial army of rapists hauled him from his home violated his humanity and then murdered him.

The next time you hear an American talk of "freedom," the next time you hear an American talk of "democracy," the next time you hear an American talk of how terrible the death squads are remember something. The most violent and brutal death squads of all are the ones bought, and paid for, and trained, by the Americans and when they can't do the job they get their American buddies to help them catch their victims.

You should remember something else. A people and their army who behave like this abroad invariably bring this criminal and brutish behaviour home and turn it against their own people. It is not only revolutions that eat their own.


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