Friday, November 10, 2006

Summary for Today and Thursday

Here is a summary of events reported around Iraq by the following newspapers and or radio stations in the Arabic language:

  1. Al Sabah al Jadid (newspaper - Baghdad)
  2. Al Taakhi (newspaper- Baghdad)
  3. Hawlati (newspaper - Al Sulaimaniyah)
  4. Al Mannarah (newspaper -Basrah)
  5. Radio Annas (Baghdad)

Baghdad and Anbar

Three U.S. soldiers killed, fourth wounded in , Nov 10, (VOI): Three U.S. forces were killed and a fourth was wounded in armed operations in Baghdad and the western Iraqi province of Anbar, the U.S. army said.

The invaders army also said in their statement that a Marine assigned to Regimental Combat Team 5 died on Thursday from wounds sustained in action while operating in al-Anbar Province.

This takes the death toll among U.S. soldiers in November to 24 soldiers.


Colonel Karim Jassem, commander of the 3rd regiment- 2nd brigade and five of his bodyguards were killed in a car bombing. 5 other soldiers were killed. Six soldiers were wounded and not expected to survive. A further four people were killed in a second car bombing.

A family of 12 including women were killed by gunmen who smashed their way into their home in al-Yusifiyah (between Baghdad and Karbalaa,) according to Razzaq Ali the gunmen fled the scene immediately.

Yesterday's Main Incidents


At least 11 Iraqis were killed and 39 others wounded in four separate car bomb explosions in Baghdad.

Two civilians were killed and 17 others were wounded on Thursday morning when an explosive charge went off amid a crowd of job-seeking day laborers in central Baghdad.
The body of an Iraqi army officer was found dumped in a pile of garbage in central Baghdad.

An Iraqi police officer and his bodyguard were killed by gunmen in central Baghdad.
An Iraqi soldier was killed and four others wounded in east Baghdad by a roadside bomb targeting their patrol.

Interior ministry forces claim to have killed 90 gunmen, detained 73 others and freed two kidnapped people during the first week of November.

(Abbas who also writes here was at the last such meeting and asked the spokesman how many of the detained and killed were recognised by their colleagues as being in the employ of the Interior Ministry. The spokesman became angry and refused to answer. Abbas and his family has now moved in with me.)

One civilian was killed and three others wounded by mortar shells in Kazemiya.
A university student was murdered by gunmen near Diala Bridge in south Baghdad. A tortured body was found in Jarf an-Naddaf.

Five civilians were wounded by mortar shells in Baladiyat.

Four Iraqi policemen were wounded by a bomb targeting their patrol in Wassit.


Four people one of them a policeman, were killed and eight were wounded by a car bomb in a market.

Two civilians were caught in crossfire and wounded during shooting between a police patrol and resistance gunmen.

An Iraqi army officer and his wife were killed by unknown gunmen in in the afternoon.


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