Monday, November 06, 2006

This Is Foolishness

It is also very annoying:

Pakistani women burn american Flag call Saddam hero of Islam

Saddam was a tool of the West in particular he was a tool of the Americans for years. He cared for his own power and for nothing else. He cared nothing for Islam and pretended to be a Muslim only when it suited his puprpose. It was Saddam who fearful of the Americans offered to be the Zionist colony's "most faithful friend."

Saddam is not now, never was, and never will be, a "Hero of Islam". He is now, always was, and always will be a secularist. For these ladys (who are in Pakistan not in Iraq) to claim he is a "Hero of Islam" is to debase Islam and themselves. Our detestation of the American empire and its crusade against us should not lead us to become like the Americans. We should not, as they do, tell one lie after another changing the lie every day the better to deceive the listener. As Muslims we know the truth. As Muslims we know that the truth is the greatest weapon we have as we defend ourselves against the American empire's desire to place it's foot on the neck of every Muslim. In their eagerness for an effective demonstration these ladys have forgotten that . They should be ashamed.


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