Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why Are Bakeries Attacked So Often?

Child in bakery blood shoes on floorToday another backery was attacked in Baghdad. This time it was the al-Rafidayn bakery in Zayonah (East Baghdad). People need bread they gather to buy it - particularly early in the mornings. Therefore bakeries are often attacked. That is one reason why bakeries are attacked. There is another. Traditionally being a baker was a low-status job. It is not surprising therefore that in Iraq many bakers belong to the Shia sect.

The attack was carried out by gunmen. They drove up and shot four of the bakers dead along with customers. All four were brothers. According to radio Annas 9 people were killed and 12 people were wounded. If you look at the photograph you can see the shoes of the bakers on the floor in the blood.

You should also look at the child and how he holds himself.


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