Friday, November 10, 2006

A Work Of Compassion

some of the victims of American compassion being buriedThe men you are seeing carrying yet another one of the victims of the predator empire's compassion work for Sheikh al-Sudani. He and his sons live in poverty in al-Thawra. Since the time of Saddam he has gone to the mortuaries, the police stations, the garbage tips, and collected the bodies of the dead. Like in the time of Saddam under the rule of the predator empire the familyies of the murdered often dare not claim the body. For fear that they will be next.

He gives all a decent burial. He does not care what sect or religion they belonged to. He cares only that their body be given a decent burial and that their family can come to him. Search his records and know that at least their loved one was buried with respect and decency.

He and his family are now very poor. They do not care. They and their work are supported now completely by charities.

Their have been many attempts to kill them.

We have a saying in Iraq since shortly after the predator empire's troops arrived. "The student is gone the master has arrived." May God protect the Sheikh and his work of compassion.


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