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December 23rd News From Iraq Translated and Summarised From Arabic

Islamic Christmas Haiku!: If this is the time // of Jesus, peace upon him... // let's usher in peace!

Peace to the followers of the prophet Jesus (PBUH) from
Laith and his sons, Mohammed, Hussayn, and Ali.

These are the most important storys we have selected from Yesterday December 23rd

Diwaniyah : 4 Bodies Found Including Kidnapped Policeman:
3 of the victims were found in the river 40km north east of Diwaniyah. The policeman was found 5 km to the north. URL:
Al-Huwayjah: Kirkuk : Oil Smugglers/Black Market Dealers Arrested:
Police conducted a raid in the al-Thawra district of Al-Huwayjah 70 km south of Kirkuk. Three people transporting oil derivatives* for sale in the black market were arrested and their cargo seized. [* this usually means Kerosene for cooking and heating - Mohammed] URL:
Karbala International Airport Ready to Proceed 200 Dunums* Set Aside:
[Explanation for Foreigenrs: This is a most important story. You should read it in the context of attempts to strengthen the south against central government and even to break it free if Iraq is split.
  1. The Holy Cities are dedicated to Imam Ali (AS) and Imam Hussein (AS) respectively. They receive many pilgrims from all over the world second only to Makkah. Kufa the third Holy City was the Headquarters of Imam Ali and is were he was murdered in the Mosque at Kufa during morning prayers on the 19th of Ramadan by a Kharajite.

  2. * A dunum is the measurement of area this gives us:

    200 Dunums (2,500 m² x 200 = 500000m²
    ) you can can go to this place for converting it to other measurements if metric confuses you. ]
More than 10 companies from Iraq, The Gulf, and International, have made bids for the building of Karbala International according to Abdel Al-Yasiri.

The civil aviation authority, the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Transport together with Religious and civil authorities are now studying the bids. The airport is to be set up in not more than 3 years at a cost at a cost that us in the range of between one billion to three billion dollars.

The purpose of the airport is to receive more pilgrims to the Holy cities. It is hoped that this will increase prosperity in the region. have been set aside for the airport 22km south of Karbala. URL .
Diyala : Baquba : Suspected Resistance Fighters Captured:
Green zone government troops and American invaders captured 21 people suspected of being in the resistance in a "sweep" of villages 5km south of the city. URL:
Muthana: Samawah : Fighting Between Green Zone Government Troops Supported by American Invaders and Sadrists:

[First I paste this - Mohammed] Posting of the agreement:

Diwaniya Peace Agreement
منع المظاهر المسلحة ومحاسبة مثيري الفتنة - التيار الصدري يوافق علي خطة المالكي لاستعادة
أمن الديوانية

الديوانية ــ الزمان
وافق التيار الصدري الذي يترأسه مقتدي الصدر علي مبادرة رئيس الوزراء العراقي نوري المالكي
لانهاء العنف في الديوانية، فيما وقع ممثلون عن القوي والاحزاب في المدينة علي خطة انهاء العنف التي اقترحتها لجنة
شكلها المالكي لوضع حد نهائي للأوضاع المتدهورة في المدينة. وتقضي الخطة بمنع المظاهر المسلحة في المدينة ومحاسبة
المقصرين الذين أثاروا الفتنة.

واكدت انه لا توجد خطوط حمراء للاجهزة الامنية وبامكانها اعتقال المشتبهين في المدينة وعدم
استقدام اي جهة سياسية او دينية الا عن طريق الدولة واجهزتها ووقف الهجمات علي القوات الامريكية في الاحياء السكنية
وعدم قصف مواقعها لعدم اعطائها المبرر لاجتياح المدينة كما نصت الخطة علي ايقاف

وكان قد عقد في الديوانية التي شهدت اعمال عنف واشتباكات بين جيش المهدي وقوات مشتركة
عراقية امريكية اجتماع أمني ضم مستشاري رئيس الوزراء لشؤون العشائر وعشائر المحافظة وممثلين عن الاحزاب للتوصل الي حل
للازمة الامنية في المدينة. من جانبه طالب الشيخ عبد الرزاق النداوي مدير مكتب الصدر في الديوانية بتعويض المتضررين
جراء الاشتباكات ونقل القاعدة العسكرية التابعة للقوات المتعددة الجنسية الي خارج الديوانية، ووقف مداهمة اعضاء
التيار الصدري في المدن.

وكانت قوات امريكية داهمت في النهضة الواقعة شمال شرق الديوانية واجرت عمليات تفتيش كما
استمرت هذه القوات في تسير دوريات في شوارع المدينة خاصة منطقتي العروبة والجزائر. وكانت عشائر الديوانية استنجدت
بالحكومة العراقية لتخليص المدينة من سيطرة المليشيات واتهمتها في رسالة الي رئيس الوزراء بالقيام باعمال القتل
والاختطاف والسرقة. وسبق لوزير الدفاع العراقي عبد القادر جاسم ان اعلن ان ثلاثة عشر من جنود الجيش العراقي الجديد
قتلوا علي ايدي المليشيات بعد اسرهم اثر نفاذ ذخائرهم خلال معارك جرت قبل اسبوعين. واتفقت عشائر الديوانية علي رفض
استخدام العنف واعتماد مشروع المصالحة وايقاف عمليات التهجير القسري التي شهدتها خلال الاشهر الستة الماضية واضطرت
فيها عشرات الآلاف من السكان لمغادرة المحافظة الي اماكن اخري في العراق

Main Points:

  • No further armed demonstrations in the town.
  • No "red lines" for the security services - who are to be permitted to arrest suspects.
  • Only the state organs may conduct arrests.
  • Attacks against American forces in residential neighborhoods and shelling their positions to cease.

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A force of green zone government troops from the falcon brigade backed up by American invaders of Iraq entered Samawah on Saturday evening coming from Diwaniyah. The total of dead and wounded in the resulting fighting was 5 dead and 26 wounded mostly civilians.

This is the second consecutive day of fighting in the city. The fighting is most intense on the east side of the city.

Sheikh Karim in a telephone interview with Aswat Al Iraq said "There are efforts to stop the fighting between the police and the Mahdi Army." he explain that he in communication with tribal leaders and civic dignitaries to try organise mediating between the police who are loyal to the green zone government and the Jaish. (Mahdi army)

Severe fighting started last month when the Jaish tried to release prisoners being held in prison by [SCIRI controlled] green zone government political police/intelligence. Three people were killed and 32 wounded.

The two sides signed an agreement that was meant to prevent clashes. Included in the agreement was:
  • No arms at political rallies.
  • Only government forces to carry arms [in public.]
  • All parties to agreement would facilitate the arrest of persons for whom lawful arrest warrants had been made by the judicial authorities.
  • All detainees not proved guilty to be released.
However as one person quoted at the end of the article said the fact that there are: "renewed clashes after less than twenty days of a cease-fire is proof that the problem still exists." URL:

For context you can See these listed below. The fighting is becoming severe because SCIRI has lost political control of many of the provinces to the Sadrists and are trying to keep the grip on those provinces by force. The American invaders are trying to help their quisling SCIRI allies to do this. List of postings for context: Mosul : One Person Killed : Army Patrol Bombed:
A 50 year old civilian was shot dead in the commercial centre of Mosul by gunmen shooting from a car. An army patrol was attacked by bomb but escaped without casualties. URL
Wasit : Collection Launched to Save The Life Of The Poet al Amar:
A fund-raising campaign to pay expenses for the treatment of the poet and novelist Al-Amar, who is suffering from ischemic heart disease and needs to undergo surgery outside Iraq has been launched.

The Wasit Council for Culture and the Arts one of the institutions of civil society in the province of Wasit, which was founded in August 2003 to support the efforts and the work of artists from the province. Has launched the appeal. The appeal is directed to charitable, religious, and wealthy people in Wasit. URL:

[The poet is very ill and must stay in bed all the time because he has blocked arteries. He has been in hospital for a long time but there are no medical supplies to treat him so he has been advised to get treated outside of Iraq. He refused political offices and patronage in former times because he was opposed to what the government was doing. He has written many books for children and also plays for schools. He is one of my favourite poets when my father was helping me learn to read we used many of his books - Mohammed]
Meeting With His Excellency Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani:
This report we have not translated or summarised because the follower of the Prophet Jesus (PBUH) says he is writing an analysis and has done it already. He says it will go up in a few hours if he still has access to a connection The Arabic URI is here if you are able to read Arabic.
- Mohammed
Murderers of Pakistani and Indian Pilgrims Arrested:
The funeral of the Pakistani and Indian pilgrims in Karbal Sept 2nd 2006 The funeral of the Indian and Pakistani pilgrims in Karbala
Two members of the green zone government police in al Anbar have been arrested and have confessed to the murder of pilgrims from Pakistan and India in al-Anbar on September 2nd.

Explanation of this story: Gunmen took 14 Pakistani and Indian Shiite pilgrims, killed them and left their bodys in the desert. How they did it was like this (this is from coverage in many places at the time as well as the Aswat Al Iraq story above) :
  • They stole two cars by killing the drivers and leaving the bodys in gutter on side of road.
  • They drove into the desert in the stolen cars.
  • They set up a false roadblock in the desert (between Anbar and Karbala is a lot of desert.)
  • They stopped the pilgrims' cpnvoy.
  • They separated the men from the women.
  • Most of the murdered pilgrims were elderly gentlemen who had saved money for many years to make the pilgrimage
  • They bound the hands of these men and killed most of them by shootings in their heads. One was beheaded. Some were tortured before they were murdered.
  • The women were allowed to continue their journey.
You can also read this analysis from the follower of the Prophet Jesus (PBUH) about how this was the "last straw" for the Grand Ayatollahs causing them to warn green zone "government" "Prime Minister" Maliki.

The analysis is here: Dead Man Walking
Hit : American Invaders Attacked:
The American invaders' headquarters in Hit was shelled by Iraqi resistance fighters. No reports of casualties. URL
My son Mohammed helped me greatly with the English for this posting and also put in the explanations. May those of the readers who celebrate the birth of the Prophet Jesus, who we as Muslims also revere have joy and peace of their celebration of his birth and may they also attend to his teachings.


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