Sunday, December 03, 2006

Let Us Talk About Evil

Ali has prepared these two photographs that you see underneath for me. Yesterday there was a meeting in Malik bin Anas Mosque mosque about stopping attacks the link takes you to Mark's translation about that. That meeting was mortar attacked. The shells landed on what my son tells me Americans call a "Kindergarten" a school for very young children.

Today the attac was on the Al-Gharbaniyah school. I know that school well. It is in Bab al Muadham a little to the north of the centre of Baghdad. Two of my sons attended in that school. It is not enough that our children risk death to go to school. Now they must risk death at school. And all to satisfy the stupid and evil American belief that they have a part to play in Iraq.

America is not a force for good in Iraq. She is a source of evil. Just as America is a force for evil, in Lebanon, in Palestine, in Jordan, in Egypt, in Saudi Arabia, every you look in this region there you see the evil being done by America and all the while she preaches "compassion" and "democracy" and "human rights" and "freedom."

I say to you now the presence of American soldiers in Iraq is the root of the evil now being done in Iraq to all Iraqis but especially to our children. I say to you that in the mouths of American soldiers and politicians and diplomats that "compassion" and "democracy" and "human rights" and "freedom" are nothing more than vile lies, not even meant to deceive anyone, save perhaps the few Americans stupid enough to listen to their government. The government they freely chose.

Al Gharbaniyah school afer mortar attack

Go and take your puppets with you. Go now, stop your stupid and evil debate. You are the cause of this. Leave. We will then rebuild our country for our children and we will do it according to our values, the values given to us by God. Your "values" are based upon the works of man not those of God and inevitably when a people turn their back on God what was good and valuable has become corrupt and evil. Your "values" have brought nothing but evil and catastrophe to our people and to our children.

Do not presume to try to tell me you whose country is the source of the evil being done in Iraq that your presence prevents the evil from getting worse. It is your evil presence that is the source of the river of evil flooding Iraq. That evil must be cut off at its source.


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