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News From Iraq December 13 2006 Translated From Arabic


  1. Basra-The Shiite Thaarallah (God’s Wrath) party leader survived an assassination attempt.
  2. A 12 year old child was killed on Wednesday when an "Iraqi army" soldier opened fire randomly in the southern gate of Falluja.
  3. Baghdad-At least two people wounded by a car bomb at Yarmouk hospital, bombings in New Baghdad and Al-Kamaliya killed and 5 respectively many injured.
  4. Three people kidnapped southern Baghdad,.
  5. At least 13 civilians, including women and children, were wounded when mortar shells attacked the Malik Bin Anas mosque (Sunni neighbourhood) western Baghdad.
  6. Mosul - Suicide attacks foiled.
  7. Kirkuk- Multiple bombings targeting "Iraqi" army and police.

Baghdad Malik Bin Anas Mosque:
were hit by mortar shells today. 13 civilians including 5 women and 2 children were injured. The area is mostly Sunni and has been the subject of several mortar bombardments recently. Original report here:
Abductions South Baghdad:
Three people including a 19 year old girl were abducted by gunmen in al-Wahda on the outskirts of South Baghdad. The original report for this story is here:
Operation Sinbad Basra $50m to be spent:
US$50 million is to be spent on the rehabilitation of schools, clinics and some service facilities in Basra. According to Major General Ali Hammadi. The money is part of the tripartite security plan and is being allocated by the British occupation. The URL for this story is here:
Fallujah American Patrol Bombed:
An American army of occupation motorised patrol was bombed in East Fallujah. The occupiers sealed the area immediately and have not yet commented on the incident. Therefore it is not possible to know if there were casualties. Original report:

Baghdad Car Bombings :
  1. Al-Kamaliya: A car bomb exploded in al-Kamaliya (east Baghdad) , killing ten people and wounding 25 others this attack was similar to the massive attack yesterday. It targeted a bus shelter that is a gathering spot for day labourers who go there early in the morning looking for work. Ten dead and 25 wounded. Al-Kamaliya is mostly Shia. [It is now 12 dead - 2 died in hospital Ali]
  2. New Baghdad: Two car bombs exploded almost simultaneously in New Baghdad district, 5 killed 10 wounded. New Baghdad is mixed.
  3. Yarmouk Hospital: (It is in West Baghdad) Explosions close to the morgue targeted people looking for dead relatives. 2 were injured. Three roadside bombs and a car bomb used to carry out this attack.
wounded child being carried by his motherSources: Some of this summary is from Aswat al Iraq here, some is from Radio Annas (Baghdad), some is personal observation from my telephoning my former commander who lives in al-Kamaliya and saw the bus shelter bombing. - Ali
Religious Authorities Support The Moves To Build A New Set Of Political Alliances:
The most important reactions were that Al-Sadr's office in Najaf refused to comment on the subject. Sheik Ali speaking on behalf of his father (Grand Ayatollah Al-Najafi) offered his father's support. While Sheikh Ali Rubaie said that Iraq is suffering and it is in everyone's interest (including the religious authority) to support every step that would preserve the unity of Iraq, stop bloodshed, and achieve peace and security. The Virtue Party said they will support any attempt to promote unity and descrease sectarianism. The draft political alliance, which was first announced in the last few days is supposed to include the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq and the two main Kurdish parties (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party), and the Iraqi Islamic Party. Attempts are being made to include the Dawa Party, and the Iraqi List (led by Iyad Allawi.) Original Arabic report here:
Child Shot Dead in Fallujah:
"Iraqi Independent National Guard" soldiers who work with the American invader forces in supervising the entry point to Fallujah. Opened fire on a crowd of civilians at the southern gate of the city of Fallujah. They opened fire randomly to disperse the congestion of a large number residents in front of the gate who were waiting to enter. This random fire led to the injury of a 12 year old child. The child died shortly after arrival in hospital.

Al-Fallujah (45 km west of Baghdad) is surrounded by a wall and has seven gates directly supervised by the American forces, backed by Iraqi army forces and the local police. Citizens wishing to enter the city are subjected to a thorough search, and have to have an identity card proving they are resident in Fallujah. The Arabic language report for this story is here:
Wasit Mortar Attack | Bomb Defused:
Three mortar attacks this morning, a bomb was defused on the Baghdad-Kut road.
The URL for this story is here:
Basra Yosuf Sinawwi al-Mawsawi surivives Assasination Attempt| kidnapping attempt on student fails:
The convoy in which Yosuf Sinawwi al-Mawsawi who leads the (Shiite) Thaarallah (God’s Wrath) party was travelling was attacked using a bomb. He survived unhurt. The attack was in al-Nwaab district (7 km north of Basra) Two of his guards and three civilians wounded. [Thaarallah Party is an Islamic party based in Basra and it was first formed as a movement and later turned into a political party before the 2005 general elections but it won no parliamentary seats. - Ali]

The serious crimes squad foiled an attempt to kidnap a female student outside the Basra university campus in Bab al-Zubaier.

The original report is here:
Tal Afar 2 suicide bombers killed:
According to this report by Ibrahim Zannun two suicide bombers were killed before they could attack. His source was Brigadier Najam al-Juburi. There were two attacks prevented:
  1. A bomber wearing a vest of explosives was shot trying to detonate it beside a patrol car in Wahda [This is is Talafar to northwest of Mosul - Ali]
  2. A second bomber tried to flee driving an explosives packed car [in other words he knew his attack would fail and wanted to come back another day - Ali] He too was shot.
No casualties (except for the dead bombers who are surely now screaming in Hell.) Original report in Arabic here:
Breaking News From Aswat al Iraq::
Dawa have said they are interested in joining the new political bloc. Haidar Abbadi also said that there was no need to form alliances outside of parliament because in "included all communities." Here:
Kaadim New Head of Students Sports Body:
He replaces Dr. Hadeeb who was abducted and killed two weeks ago. Link:
Basra Raids And Bombing:
In several raids in Basra these weapons were seized:
  • 15 Katyusha rockets
  • 7 mortar bombs.
  • 5 Katyusha rocket launcher
  • 10 60 mm mortar shells
There was an attempted killing by bombing in the Abu al-Khasib area south of Basra. The story is here:.
Kirkuk Bombings:
One police officer killed three wounded in bombing 5km south of Kirkuk. [That is to be added to the 12 soldiers killed and 26 injured in three bombings in the last 24 hours - Ali] The URL for this story can be found here:

In other words to that you must add this report which details the attacks.
  • Suicide bombing (Riyadh-Baiji road)
  • 2nd suicide bombing (same place)
  • 3rd suicide bombing on Kirkuk-Tikrit road.
Wasit Three Further Councils Suspend All Dealings With American Invaders:
Three further councils as well as the main governorate council now refuse to cooperate with the American invaders in protest at the illegal arrest of Sheikh Yehya al - Baghdadi, Muqtada Al Sadr's envoy and manager to the governorate the councils are those of:
  • Kut
  • Al-Hayy and
  • Nu
[Truly the Americans are fools already they have lost Al-Anbar now they throw away Wasit. - Ali]
The URL for this story is here:

And Finally there is this report on the American Yahoo news reporting site. Please read it carefully:

US needed 'Iraqi De Gaulle' for invasion: Perle - Yahoo! News:
Wed Dec 13, 10:14 AM ET

BERLIN (AFP) - Top US neoconservative Richard Perle, a key former architect of US
President George W. Bush's foreign policy, has admitted there were mistakes in the execution of the
Iraq war, saying the invasion had needed "an Iraqi De Gaulle."

Perle, who was an advisor to former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, told German weekly broadsheet Die Zeit in an issue to be published Thursday that a string of tactical errors had resulted in the chaos reigning in Iraq today.

"The idea was good, the execution was bad," he was quoted as saying in an advance German transcript of the interview.

"We should have agreed on a post-war Iraqi leadership" but were thwarted by opposition at the US State Department and the
Central Intelligence Agency, Perle said.

"We should have marched into Baghdad with an Iraqi De Gaulle," he said.

General Charles de Gaulle led the French resistance against the Nazi German occupation during World War II and returned from British exile to a hero's welcome in Paris in 1944, assuming the presidency of the provisional government.

Perle blasted the findings released last week by the bipartisan Iraq Survey Group mapping a way forward in the strife-raged country.

"I have never seen such a foolish report," he said.

He said proposals such as opening talks with Iraq's neighbors
Iran and
Syria and planning the withdrawal of US troops were flat wrong.

"Syria and Iran have done everything they can to destabilize Iraq and they do not have the slightest interest in another strategy. A report that begins with false premises ends in nothing," Perle said, adding that he did not expect Bush to follow the recommendations.

"I think he will change the strategy: more US troops in Iraqi units, more Iraqis in American (units). That could improve the impact of both units. In any case that would be easier than forging a national army from enemy ethnic groups," he said.

Perle, one of the most outspoken advocates of toppling Iraqi leader
Saddam Hussein, publicly broke with the government over the invasion before key midterm elections in November, along with several other high-profile "neocons."

What this evil American fool, the zionist pig called Perle who made his money selling weapons and peddling his political contacts is too evil and arrogant to understand is that DeGaulle was a patriot who fought to free his country. He would never have been part of such an invasion. The Iraqi DeGaulles are fighting - and killing, the American invaders just as the French DeGaulle fought and killed the German ones in World War II


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