Tuesday, December 05, 2006

News Summary from Arabic December 5th 2006

Al Kindly hospital December 5th 2006
  1. In a sign of how the American war against the Iraqi people leads to desperate measures the governing council in Wasit has said it will confiscate all oil tanks travelling through the governorate to Baghdad.
  2. 4 corpses were recovered from the river at Suwayrah in Wasit all had been tortured.
  3. The green zone came under mortar attack.
  4. An antiquities smuggling gang was broken up in Maysan.
  5. A beheaded body was found in Mosul.
  6. Seven people were injured one of them very seriously by a bombing targeting a police patrol in Khalis (about 15km from Baquba -ali)
  7. Faisal Abdul-Hussein Abdel Nabi, and Abdul Karim Khodeir, were each killed in separate shootings in Karbala.
  8. The body of Basra police commissioner was discovered.
  9. Faraj market (north Baghdad) was attacked by mortar. 2 dead 10 wounded.
  10. The American invaders announced the death of one of their soldiers and the injury of five.
  11. Three bombs killed 16 with 25 wounded in al-Baya’ (That is a mixed district in south Baghdad)
  12. A minibus carrying workers who care for Mosques was attacked in Baghdad. Eight were killed 13 were wounded.
  13. Five were killed and 12 wounded in a sequenced double bombing in Amil in western Baghdad.

National Salvation Meeting [English]

(This is the English language report from Aswataliraq I make no comment on if this will succeed it is too early to tell. But certainty an alliance between the Sadrists and those others determined to stop the Americans and their traitors from dividing Iraq would be good for Iraq but not for the Americans and their traitorous collaborators. - Ali )

The meetings between Iyad Allawi’s National Iraqi Slate and other political powers have taken place over the last two days, Hameed Majeed Moussa, secretary of the Iraqi Communist Party and member of the National Iraqi Slate, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).
“Such meetings between political powers and figures aim at following up and analyzing the current complications and crises in Iraq and contemplating the way out,” Moussa said.
“The focus of the meetings is to correct the hindrances and obstacles facing the political process and national reconciliation efforts,” he added.
Meanwhile, Moussa denied reports that the Iraqi Slate was part of the national salvation front which Iraqi Sunni politician Saleh al-Motlak said would soon be declared.
Motlak said on Sunday the new front would soon be declared in Iraq and the Iraqi Slate would be part of it.
“The Iraqi Slate issued a statement declaring it was not a party of the announced Salvation Front,” Moussa told VOI.
A number of Iraqi legislators said on Monday the salvation front mooted by Motlak was not new


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