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Saturday December 9th Iraq News Translated from Arabic

Saddam's Nephew Escapes Prison:
Ayman Sabawi Ibrahim Hasan, the nephew of Saddam Hussein has escaped from prison. According to the story he was helped by a guard. He was arrested during a raid in northern Tikrit on May 4th 2005.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:
Iraq Through To Semi-finals:
Our Soccer Olympic team won and qualified for the semi-finals in the Asian Games championship after beating the Uzbeka by two goals against their one goal in the match today in Doha. They now have to beet the winner of the game between China and Iran.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:
American Invaders Killed in al Anbar:
The American army announced Saturday that two American soldiers from the Marines were killed in Anbar province. The killing of the two invaders brings the number of American invaders killed in Iraq to 37 this month. The number of American forces killed in Iraq since the invasion of my home, led by the United States in March 2003 is 2927 according to data sent to Aswat Al Iraq from the American army official.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:
Mosul Suicide Car Bomb 5 killed:
Five civilians were killed in a car bomb explosion in Mosul. Brigadier Abdul Karim Mohammed Khalaf of the province of the Nineveh Police Command, told Voices of Iraq today that the suicide bomber blew himself up inside a booby-trapped car in the Yarmouk area in the south-west of Mosul. The bomber failed to target any American or Green Zone forces instead he killed five people, including two children who were burnt to death inside their car.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:
Basrah Assasination Attempt Fails:
The Customs police chief in Basrah survived an assassination attempt. He was shot when he was standing at the gate of the Directorate and slightly injured in the leg and brought to hospital.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:
Kirkuk Raids By Invaders: [A bomb also exploded near Rashad 40Km from Kirkuk a policeman was wounded - - Mohammed Ibn Laith]
Eight people suspected of being in the resistance were captured by Green Zone police with help from Invaders in Kirkuk today. The raids were in villages around Kirkuk.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:
3 National Guard Members in Ad Duluiyah Shot By Invaders:
American invader forces killed today three members of the National Guard in the town of Ad Duluiyah. The invaders were shot at by resistance fighters who fled. The Americans then opened fire on three members of the National Guard brigade in Dhuloeya, who were on guard duty at one the new checkpoints and killed them instantly. The invaders have not made any statement or clarification of the killing of three soldiers or a justification to shoot them.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:
Basrah Port Being Blocked With Mud:
The director of the port service in al Basrah complained that the Green Zone government was not making the reconstruction money available to repair the port. He complained that 129 million dollars was promised in 2004 but is still frozen. The navigation channels have huge deposits of mudslides and the port is also missing equipment for cargo loading and unloading. He complained that al Basrah was the main artery for Iraqi exports and should not be be neglected.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:
Hilla: American Base Bombarded:

The American invader base in Hilla was bombarded with mortars. First five shells fired, then after three hours 20 shells were fired. Casualties if any not known.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:

Fallujah Bomb:
Two civilians were wounded when a bomb exploded at an American patrol the center of the city of Fallujah. The bomb was targeting an early morning patrol of the invaders. Two people who were near the patrol were injured and were transferred to Falluja General Hospital. The hospital made a statement that one of them is very seriously injured and has seen one of his legs amputated.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:
Ramadi Resistance Leader Captured:
Soldiers of the Green Zone "Iraqi" army arrested the suspected leader of one of the cells of resistance fighters in during a raid in the town of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province. They were from the seventh division the suspect is believed to lead a cell responsible for attacks bombing and coordinated attacks using light weapons and missiles aimed at invaders and Green Zone troops.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:
Khalidiyah (Anbar):
A raid arrested 5 people suspected of being in the resistance.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:
Baquba Explosion (Diyalah):
A bomb planted on the side of the road leading to the market northeast of Baquba injured 5 people and killed one person.
عنوان هذا المقال على الانترنت:

News From Foreign Sources

Al Jazeera English - Middle East: [The bombing is in Al-Abbas street , that street is very close to the shrine and has many shops. It would have been very crowded today. In Arabic reports it is reported that the car had government registration plates.- Mohammed Ibn Laith]
Deaths as holy city in Iraq bombed

Eight people have been killed and 36 injured after a suicide car bomb exploded in one of Iraq's holiest Shia cities. The attack occurred on Saturday at around 10:30 local time near the al-Abbas shrine in Karbala 80km south of Baghdad.


One witness told Reuters that people had shouted at the lorry's driver to move the car, but seconds later it exploded. The blast devastated nearby shops and set cars ablaze.

It was the first major attack in the city since a suicide bomber killed 53 people in January.

[edit] Al Jazeera English Article In Full:

Iran ready to help US withdrawal from Iraq - Region - Middle East Times:
MANAMA -- Iran is ready under certain circumstances to help the United States withdraw its troops from neighboring Iraq, foreign minister Manouchehr Mouttaki said Saturday.

"If the United States changes its attitude, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to help this administration" to withdraw its troops from Iraq, Mouttaki told a Gulf security conference in Bahrain, the home base of the US Fifth Fleet.

"The key to solve Iraq's problems is the withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq," he said, adding that "the United States should help themselves before anybody else." Full report - Middle East Times:
US, Iraqi forces detain aide of Shiite radical leader - Yahoo! News: [There is a big report on Aswat al Iraq on this and on the demonstration but I saw no reason to translate it - Mohammed Ibn Laith]
Sat Dec 9, 9:59 AM ET

KUT, Iraq (AFP) - US and Iraqi forces have arrested Shiite radical leader Moqtada al-Sadr's representative in the central city of Kut and seven of his guards, security officials and a Sadr spokesman said.

Sheikh Yahya Ahmed al-Khafaji, the head of Sadr's movement in Kut, 175 kilometres (109 miles) southeast of Baghdad, was seized in an early morning swoop on his office, an Iraqi security source said on condition of anonymity.

A Sadr spokesman in Baghdad confirmed the raid Saturday.

"We have information that US and Iraqi forces arrested the chief of our office in Kut and his seven guards early today. They also took away office equipment such as computers and other papers," said Sheikh Saleh Hassan.

A US news release said that one militia fighter was injured in an exchange of fire with Iraqi troops, but that no one was killed during the operation.

"The suspect allegedly orders and supervises indirect fire (mortar or rocket) attacks against coalition forces and the placing of improvised explosive devices in the area," the US military said.

"He is also suspected of ordering a recent ambush attack on an Iraqi security forces and coalition forces patrol," it said in a statement that did not confirm the identity of the detainee but said one of Sadr's offices was raided.

Hassan said the Sadr group was planning a protest in front of the provincial governor's office in Kut to demand their release.

"If occupation forces are so active and capable, they should target terrorist hideouts and not escalate violence in peaceful regions like Kut," said Hassan, who is also a member of the Iraqi parliament.

The raid was also confirmed by another Sadr aide from the cleric's main office in the Shiite holy city of Najaf.

The US military has often targeted supporters of Sadr, whose Mahdi Army militia is accused of killing Sunni Arab civilians amid the sectarian bloodshed gripping

In a separate operation Saturday, Iraqi special forces and coalition military advisers raided Sadr's bastion -- Sadr City in east Baghdad -- and arrested the leader of an illegal punishment committee, they said.

"The suspect allegedly presides over illegal trials of kidnapped Iraqi civilians, during which they are unlawfully interrogated and tortured," a statement said, adding that five alleged accomplices were also taken.

"Without any legitimate governmental authority, the suspect determines sentence and executes those found guilty. The murdered are dumped in various locations around Sadr City," it added.

There was a brief exchange of fire during the raid, but no reports of casualties on either side.
16 killed in Iraq attacks, including suicide bomb at shrine - Yahoo! News:
In Baghdad, primary school headmaster Yussif Faraj al-Shimari was shot dead in the restive southern neighbourhood of Dura, while two more people died in mortar attacks on the mixed district of Adhamiyah, police said.
Reuters AlertNet - FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Dec 9:
Dec 9 (Reuters) - Following are security and other developments in Iraq as of 1400 GMT on Saturday:

* denotes new or updated item.

*FALLUJA - A U.S. Marine died on Saturday from wounds sustained in combat in western Anbar province, the U.S. military said in a statement.

FALLUJA - A U.S. Marine died on Thursday from wounds sustained in combat in Anbar province, the U.S. military said in a statement.

KERBALA - A suicide car bomber killed seven people and wounded 44 in a crowded market in the holy Shi'ite city of Kerbala, hospital sources said. Police put the death toll at six, with 44 hurt.

MOSUL - Three people were killed and three wounded in a car bomb explosion in the northern city of Mosul, police said.

BAGHDAD - Mortar rounds killed two people and wounded at least three when they landed on Baghdad's Shi'ite district of Kadhimiya, police sources said.

MOSUL - Insurgents blew up a school under construction in the Yarmouk district of Iraq's northern city of Mosul late on Friday, police said. The source said no one was harmed in the bombing.

RASHAD - A roadside bomb wounded a policeman when it exploded near his patrol in the town of Rashad, 40 km (25 miles) southwest of the northern city of Kirkuk, police said.

Other News

  1. Khazimiyah/Kadhimiya a Shi'te area came under heavy mortar attack today. It is were the Shia 7th Imam, Imam Mousa al-Kadim,has his shrine. Two people were killed and 8 wounded including children.
  2. Mohammed the son of Laith spent part of his 16th birthday helping his father translate news into English. Now he and his brother and I take our guns and leave to help guard the roadblock and the Mosque because tonight it is our turn. We embraced as is our custom and I reminded him that the name of the imam himself, Al Kadim, means "the one who endures." Then I reminded him that we will endure the evil unleashed upon our people by the American invaders and triumph as did Imam Mousa al-Kadim.

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