Monday, December 11, 2006

"We have intelligence information confirming the entry of snipers weapons to Baghdad city in large quantities."

[This is the early evening news stories summariesed and translated by me from Arabic. I have chosen to make the headline different today as an experiment. Also I have given you a feature article written in English by Ibrahim Zannoun from the Iraqi Voices of Iraq service. Ali]

Plan To Protect Universities: The "Kicker" Is In Last Sentence:

Maliki has called on the students and professors in Universities to be steadfast (its translates literally as "be of enduring commitment" - Ali) in the face of threats and attacks. He also ordered the universities to take steps to ensure their protection. Finally the damned fool ordered universities to take "official action" against students who absent themselves from their study. [Today a student was killed by a bomb as he went into his college perhaps Maliki who is surrounded by American advisers thinks this unofficial action is not important. He can tell that to the students who saw the poor maimed corpse of their colleague. - Ali.]

The rest of this article quotes the chief of police of Baghdad as claiming that:

"The crime rate declined in Baghdad during the current month, by 40% less than the rates in the preceding months." [This man is as big a damned fool as Maliki. - Ali] He went on to say that this was the result of "great efforts by the police forces to maintain security."

Here is what is called I believe "the kicker." The last paragraph quotes him as saying this:

"We have intelligence information confirming the entry of snipers weapons to Baghdad city in large quantities."

Arabic Original here:

Basrah Reconstruction To Be Funded By Import Levy:

The president of Basra Governorate Council (Saadoun Mohamed Abbadi) confirmed that reconstruction funding for Basra will depend on maintaining the levy of 1% imposed on imported materials coming through the port and land crossings. Link to original

Kurdish Parties Reject Baker Hamilton:

This report by Hamid Zebari contains little of suprises. They are against it. The meeting was of twenty representatives (Kurdish, Turkoman, Assyrian and Chaldean) to agree a unified stance and prepare a memorandum to be sent to the UN and US. The Arabic language report quotes one of the participants as saying that "we begin to lose confidence in America which has been subjected to pressure by 12 thousand rebels in Iraq." and saying that that they will show how they oppose the policies of the United States by "peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins."

[Doubtlesss this will force the Americans to remain in Kurdistan. They pay great heed to the desires of peaceful demonstrators. Or perhaps not. Those "12 thousand rebels in Iraq" seem to be doing a better job of getting the invader to take notice - Ali]

The Arabic original is here: There is a shorter english report from Aswat al Iraq here:

American Civil Affairs Burea Opens in Kurdistan:

The Americans opened the office for a Civil Affairs Bureau in Irbil today it is to focus on the "reconstruction" of the region and attracting American investments to the province. The URL for this story is


Car Bombs Baghdad:

Bomb Disposal Officers successfully defused a bomb in one of the markets in Mada'in. A bomb exploded killing one civilian and wounding another. The URL for this story is here:

8 Farmers 5 Teacher Abducted in the Iraqi province of Saladin:

This story by Ghazwan al-Jabouri is distressing. Masked gunmen attacked one of the markets selling fruit and vegetables and forced eight farmers attending the market to sell their crops to accompany them at gunpoint. Five teachers were kidnapped in Beni Tamim. Gunmen also killed a civilian at a rural rail station.The URL for this story is here:

Mosul 4 Brothers Killed:

Gunmen stormed a house in East Mosul and shot dead 4 brothers who lived there. [They were Shabakis The American Yahoo news say it was drive by - this is wrong. They attacked the house. Shabakis have been subjected to many purges by the Kurds they are a unique group very small and they tend to be prosperous because of the good qulaity of the land in the valleys they are concentrated in. their language is a mix of Turkish Arabic Farsi and Kurdish and nobody except them understands it. Some say there is Aramaic in the language also. Ali] Original of Story here.

8 people Arrested On Turkish Border To Iraq:

8 people were arrested on the Border (Zakho Dahuk) crossing illegaly. The story quotes the official who tipped off the agency as saying that "these persons were handed over to the police to take the necessary action against them." The article reminds readers that Zakho is the location of the notorious 700 prisoners abuse scandal. The article text is here.

6 People Wounded In Suicide Bombing Of Kirkuk Senior Policeman's Home:

A suicide bomber drove his car bomb to the of house Colonel Abdallah Araz (who is the director of criminal investigations in Kirkuk.) He exploded his bomb and 6 were wounded including two of the Colonel's family. From Arabic language article here: [The AFP news name him as Brigadier General Aras Namuq al-Kaki - Ali]

Headless Corpse of Abdul Sattar Khalaf Issawi Found In Fallujah:

Abdul Sattar Khalaf Issawi's headless corpse was discovered close to the Ibn Khaldoun secondary school. He was an organiser for the Islamic party. Gunmen burst into his home two days ago and abducted him.

The American invaders did another one of their "sweeps" in Fallujah today as well according to the article which you will find here.

Breaking News:

9 Civilians Abducted in Mada'in (South Baghdad):

Gunmen forced their car to pull over. Forced them into their car and drove away with them. From here:

Almshahadani suspends membership of National Security Coucil:

An official source said in the Office of the Chairman of the Iraqi Parliament, that has suspended his membership in the political council of national security. From here.

Babil (Babylon) Arts Festival of Iraq:

The arts festival opened today. A politician made a speech. (I am not going to trouble you by to translating it.) I am going to point out artists from the provinces of Karbala, Najaf, Diwaniyah addition to Babylon took part. From here.

English Language Feature Article From Aswat al Iraq

Aswat al Iraq: Feature: (In English) :

Death in Iraq…bitter questions and several faces of a tragedy - By Ibrahim Zannoun

Abu Ammar was dumbfounded when he heard about the death of his neighbor and colleague Saad Khalid.

"Who killed him and why? Saad was not a policeman or a translator. He was not a Shabaki (Shiite Kurd of Iraqi origin) or Yazidi and he never belonged to a party or advocated a certain ideology," Abu Ammar shouted at his wife in disbelief.

Abu Ammar later fell into deep silence and shock when his wife told him that Saad died of a heart attack.

Abu Ammar thought for a while that it was a bit strange. Death from natural causes in Iraq has become unfamiliar. It has been a while since anyone heard about the death of an Iraqi due to natural causes.

Violence has been raging unabated in Iraq with daily bombings and killings that claim scores of lives.

Jamal Samir, a photographer, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI): "We have been counting our deaths, not our survivors, just like we count our wars and disappointments. We know that our turn is inevitably coming as if we stand in a queue to jump into Death's arms."

"We wish to know one single reason for what is happening to us Iraqis," Samir lamented.

Salwa Nazim, a student, said Iraq is not a dress that could be taken off or a husband that could be abandoned.

"This is a nation, and nations can never be replaced. We are footing bills for a guilt we did not commit except that we were born Iraqis," said Nazim, stressing "we will never leave Iraq come hell or high water."

She said: "Hardships in our own motherland are better than easy life in a faraway country."

Salem Abdul-Aziz, a teacher, is troubled by the current state of affairs on the day-to-day life.

"We have erased from the dictionary of our life some vocabulary like happiness, joy and smiles because the words thriving in our society now include death, killing, explosions, slaughter, shrapnel and morgue that sometimes we imagine we were not meant to deserve to live but we don't know why," Abdul-Aziz stated somberly.

Dawoud Salman, a newspaper layout designer, told VOI that Iraqis have been addicted to listening to songs stirring agonies of the nation that even became ringing tones for mobile phones.

Retired senior citizen Abu Othman exclaimed bitterly: "how should a man of senses believe that we don't have enough water in Iraq to wash our dead before burying them, or that we are freezing in a cold winter or that we ride bicycles instead of cars because fuel became scarce in an oil-rich country?"

The URL for this story is here:


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