Sunday, January 22, 2006

Les Kurdes sont les vrais maîtres de Kirkouk

Nur al-Cubicle has a superb translation of a Le Monde article "Les Kurdes sont les vrais maîtres de Kirkouk" up on her site. Here's the concluding paragraph:

"A majority on the elected council, the Kurdish parties are the true masters behind the curtain of the Kurds who are members of the armed forces and local police. The peshmergas, wearing Iraqi military uniforms, are often accused of kidnapping Arabs and Turkmen and placing them in secret prisons in Kurdistan or evening murdering them. The Americans, who have military bases in the region, let them get away with it as part of war on terror, without, apparently, taking a position on the future status of Kirkuk. Perhaps this is in the hope for which there is no guarantee— of seeing the financial transactions, like that of Tayyeb Zorab, triumph over breakaway by arms and blood?"

Nur's full translation can be read here highly recommended.

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