Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Aromatic, Joyful, Singing

This is Shad Mohammed, she's a six year old girl from Baghdad. On Monday March 27th 2006 she became an orphan. "Shad" is a contraction, a nickname, her full given name could be either "Shadha" which means "Aromatic," or Shadiya which means "Singing, as in 'Singing for Joy' " or perhaps Shadmani which means "Joy or happiness." Either way she was given her name by two people in joy and love and happiness that she'd been born and nurtured her as best they could.

Look carefully at her. She's been dressed with care and love by her parents, her hair has been dressed, and now she's covered in blood and being comforted by a neighbour. Look at her face - the poor child is numb. So would you be if the two most important people in your world had just been killed in front of you. God help her when the numbness wears off. I doubt if her life is going to be aromatic, or joyful, or one with much singing in it for a hell of a long time. She is now an orphan in an impoverished society being callously and wantonly ripped apart by the "Multi National Coalition." Her prospects are grim.

Her parents were killed in an attack by what the Western media obediently taking their cue from US and UK military spokesmen refer to as "insurgents." We'll probably never know who killed her parents. Or why. They were just more "collateral damage" as is Shad. Whoever murdered her parents was doing just what George W. Bush his corrupt henchmen and his ally Tony Blair wanted them to do. The blood covering this child is on their hands quite as much, if not more, as on hands of the men who murdered Shad's parents.


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