Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hilla Bombing - Aftermath

Composite of photographs of Hila bombingThe bombing in Hila — a mostly shi'ite town in Southern Iraq yesterday night killed at least 30 people and injured at least 60. The graphic to the left shows some of the aftermath as follows:

  1. Scene of the bombing as it was this morning.
  2. Injured youth in Hila hospital.
  3. Injured youth in Hila hospital – close-up.
  4. Funeral of one of those killed in bombing in Najaf – also this morning.

This is going to get any better, on the contrary it's getting worse. It's getting worse first of all because the policies of the occupiers — the USA and its allies are geared towards dividing Iraq up into a series of feuding and weak statelets. Secondly because the presence of US and other Western troops inflames the situation.

How many more bombings, how many more dead American and allied servicemen, how many more mutilated Iraqi civilians and Ameerican and and allied servicemen do there have to be before Americans stop listening to Cheny and Rumsfeld's lies about how the "allies" are there to "re-build" Iraq and stop it from sliding into civil war?

What does it take to get Americans to realise that their army is in an unwinnable war wished upon them by a remote, cynical, and corrupt administration?

Update: Post updated to reflect increased number of confirmed deaths from 15 to 30.

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