Friday, July 21, 2006

Force Was Escalated

Child killed in US air strike on house in Baqouba July 21st 2006With all their usual skill and care for civilian life the US army killed 6 civilians in Baqouba today. That's the same Baqouba where people are frightened for their lives of the various militias.

"The troops secured the area using a combination of aerial and ground fire." - The US Army statement.

"They saw men who they thought were militiamen coming to harm them and they fired at them and then the Americans responded with shooting and helicopter attacks" - Fawzi Ahmed, a relative of the Abdul Hassan family. Six of whom were killed by the American airstrike.

Note the age of the child in this photo. Ghufran was three years old when she was killed by American soldiers. American soldiers decided to "escalate force" in Ghufran's country so Ghufran died.

"Force was escalated" - note the careful use of language, the careful use of the passive voice. The carefully neutral way of avoiding saying that it was the Americans themselves who "escalated" the force.

Lebanese toddler killed israeli bombing.

"Well so what" you might think. Well here's what, while the American army is busy "escalating force" in Iraq the Israelis are busy escalating force in Lebanon and the Iraelis are displaying even less care and attention to the survival of innocent civilians than the US army is dispaying in iraq. The results of that are being shown on Arabic TV screens every night. Results like this screen grab shown on the left. Fewer and fewer people are making any distincton between what Israel is doing and America is doing. Why in hell should they? The results are the same. Innocent civilians are being killed by bombs made in the same American factories. The US congress enthusiatically passes a vote supporting the Israeli operation in Lebanon. And while all that is going on the US forces in Iraq "escalate force."

Are the US forces actually trying to get everyone to hate their guts? Are the US forces actually trying to get everyone in Iraq determined to kill at least one American before the Americans "escalate force" and kill their children? It's the only explanation I can think of. Maybe some muscle minded tank brain in the American command wants to relive Custer's last stand and thinks they can do better than Custer did. Lots of luck with that one bub … … …


I am going to conduct a small experiment tonight. I've turned off comment moderation. I would like my American readers to comment on this. When this disastrous and evil war in Iraq, the God-awful mess in Afghanistan, and the disastrous and evil war in Lebanon "escalate" further and lots more American troops come home in pieces, your government is going to ask your allies for help. What makes you think you'll get it? Your government does this in your name day in day out. In case you hadn't noticed you've put our homes and our children at risk. What makes you think that we won't say "we're too busy protecting our homes and our children from the effects of what your soldiers have done to the people whose countrys are beside ours to give a damn about you. This is your bed you lie on it."

Me? I don't see any reason why one drop of civilised blood should be spilt for America or Israel not when both countries have behaved like this for all of my life. When and if you and the Israelis ever decide to behave like civilised human beings again, sure, until then, sorry, - your bed you lie on it.


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