Monday, July 31, 2006

Headlines from Naharnet - July 31st 2006 7:45AM CET

Evening Roundup: Israeli Carnage Triggers Global Outrage as Ceasefire Appears Farfetched
More than 60 people were killed, many of them sleeping children, when Israeli warplanes bombed the village of Qana on Sunday, triggering global outrage and warnings of retribution for a 'war crime' as a ceasefire appeared more remote than ever....

  • Saniora Accuses Israel of 'State-Sponsored Terrorism'
  • Ceasefire Calls on the Rise,
  • Israel Condemned for Qana Massacre
  • 'Deeply Saddened' Rice Says 'We Want Ceasefire as Soon as Possible'
  • Lebanon Faces Further Isolation After Closure of Masnaa Border Checkpoint
  • Midday Roundup: Israel Unleashes its Rage on Civilians, Commits Massacre in Qana
  • Olmert Says Israel 'Not in Hurry' for Ceasefire

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