Sunday, July 16, 2006

Naharnet Morning Lebanese Headlines

  • Saudi Arabia pledges 50 million dollars in immediate aid to Lebanon

  • Israel faces "unimaginable losses" if it attacks Syria, the Iranian foreign ministry said Sunday

  • Israeli PM Ehud Olmert warns of 'long-term consequences' after Hizbullah attack on Haifa

  • Hizbullah launches a new salvo of Raad 2 and Raad 3 rockets at Haifa, killing 9 and injuring 20

  • Al-Manar TV building has been completely destroyed by an Israeli strike

  • Israeli special forces are operating on the ground in Lebanon, in conjunction with air and sea forces, General Gadi Eisenkraut, operations chief at central command, confirmed Sunday

  • Chirac says that forces "who jeopardize the security, stability and sovereignty of Lebanon must be stopped," ahead of talks with Bush

  • Bush says that Israel had 'every right to defend itself' but should be 'mindful of the consequences'

  • Hizbullah denied an Israeli television report that its leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, had been injured in an Israeli raid

  • Israeli aircraft presses on early Sunday with intensive bombing raids on Beirut's southern suburbs

  • Hizbullah claims Sunday to have repelled the first attempted Israeli incursion into southern Lebanon since hostilities began

  • Saniora calls for an immediate ceasefire to end Israel's "collective punishment" of the Lebanese people

  • Morning Roundup: Israel Steps Up Assault on Beirut's Southern Suburbs

    Waves of warplanes thundering through the darkness bombed Beirut's southern suburbs for hours early Sunday, a day after Israel stepped up its air strikes and tightened a noose around this reeling nation...

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