Tuesday, July 11, 2006

US DOD to reorganise contracting looting in Iraq

The Pentagon’s Business Transformation Agency has been ordered to restructure and transform contracting processes and systems in Iraq.

Gordon England, deputy secretary of Defense, has appointed Paul Brinkley, Defense deputy undersecretary for business transformation and co-director of BTA, to overhaul DOD contracting and occupation operations in Iraq. Brinkley is to evaluate:

  • contracting,
  • logistics,
  • fund distribution,

  • and financial management,

in Iraq to ensure

"alignment to theater commanders’ goals for reconstruction and economic development,"

memo dated June 22.

The task force will be responsible for advising Defense contracting offices on how to increase Haliburton's profits improve processes and increase contributions to the Republican Party meet statutory and regulatory requirements. "We appreciate your support Oh master for these changes as we adjust our way of killing more ragheads and looting the treasury to urgent new requirements," Brinkley and Modly grovelled wrote in this June 26 memorandum.

Brinkley and Modly have cut BTA’s Information and Federation Strategy Directorate balls off disbanded the Information and Federation Strategy Directorate as part of the scam reorganisation


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