Wednesday, August 16, 2006


There's a story in Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed [Arabic Language] today about a decision made by the green zone government to step up oil imports. They've authorised US$213 million in derivatives (refined products) from Turkey and Iran. Inter Alia the Turks and Iranians have agreed to provide 1100 tons of Parafin (Kerosene) for heating and gas oil for electricity generation. Amongst the things agreed by the The Iraqi side is that Iran will act as the "corridor" and that the Iraqis will open their border crossings. This (ostensibly) is to allow the Eastern distribution centre to act as a major import portal and help meet local demand. According to Al-Sabah's story an agreement has also been reached with the Turks to "resolve the outstanding issues between the two countries."

Comment: Iraqi refineries have been badly hit first by sanctions, then by resistance attacks caused by the American occupation and Iraq and desperately needs refined products, failure to provide them would lead very quickly to the fall of the green zone government - people get a bit annoyed about not being able to cook. Iranian influence on and participation in the Iraqi oil industry has grown markedly since the American invasion. I rather doubt that this was what president Cheney Bush intended. No wonder he's getting "frustrated" at the results of all those "sacrifices" made by America. Can you say "we predicted this but you knew better Dick George - serves you right?" Yeah I thought you could. But look on the bright side there are some people who really appreciate the results of all those "sacrifices" you've made Dick George.


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