Sunday, August 13, 2006


Some pacificists and some militarists

"Israeli newspapers are filled with reports of soldiers complaining about food, water and equipment shortages in southern Lebanon. The military was having so much trouble moving supplies over the rough terrain that it experimented with using llamas as pack animals. The experiment failed when an entire train of llamas sat down on the job,forcing the military unit to abort an expedition, according to several news reports." Source

"Llamas who are well-socialized and brought up by loving families are very friendly and pleasant to be around.They are extremely curious and most will approach people easily. Occasionally, llamas do spit at each other orpeople. The habit of spitting is a defense mechanism. However, usually, a llama would prefer to run away before confronting their assumed aggressor. The spitting behavior is believed to be a direct result of their usually shy disposition" Source.

Widepsread reports that Hizbulla fighters disguised as Israeli soldiers sabotaged the IDF offensive by infiltrating the IDF columns and spitting at the Lamas first have been strongly denied by Israeli military spokesmen.


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