Saturday, August 26, 2006

This Is What It Means To Be "Ethnically Cleansed"

composite graphic of refugee family attacked as they fled BaquobaThis is what it means to be "ethnically cleansed."

It means to be from Tahrir in Southern Baqouba … and to be the "wrong thing."

It means to be a family that's received death-threat after death-threat.

It means to be attacked on the very day you flee as you leave your home for the last time.

It means four of your family, two women and two children, gunned down in front of you.

It means a mortuary attendant closing your dead children's eyes.

It means weeping over your wounded son … and your wounded granddaughter.

It means waiting in a hospital corridor clutching your child and wondering desperately what will happen to you next.

This is what the American invasion and continued occupation has brought to Iraq.


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