Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kfar Kila

Cartoon of Rice and leaders of March 14th movement kfar kila Most of our readers don't know Lebanon so I'll interpret. Kfar Kila is a border village in Southern Lebanon. Looking at the background to the photograph I would say that the photograph was taken at the approach to the "Fatima" gate. (You can tell from the uniforms that the two soldiers are Lebanese.) It's the poster that's interesting. Who is caricatured is plain enough. Or is it?

Actually Rice is the least important part of that poster. Even though she occupies most of the space.

Look at the top of the photograph. She's dazed and ready to faint. The symbols whirling around her head are Hizb and other resistance symbols. But the important message isn't Rice. Look at the bottom of the photo now. The little men holding on to her skirt and hiding behind her are the leaders of the March 14th. The "Cedar Revolution" people. This poster is very much saying that the present government is pro-America and does what America tells them to do. What this poster is saying is if you support March 14th then you are pro-America and anti-Lebanon. It's very powerful, it's very effective. It's also very witty.

Big thanks to Declan for emailing it to us.


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