Saturday, January 14, 2006

Colin Powell Sings*

In the winter, I’m a Buddhist
In the summer, I’m a nudist
In Jerusalem Talmudist
In Hell-Fire Club the crudest

Chameleon, chameleon

When Democrats are winning
Liberalities I’m spinning
When Republicans are panting
Racist slogans I am chanting

Chameleon, chameleon

With the Proles digging ditches
With the brokers plotting riches
& with God was quite religious
Here in Hell sunk where hot pitch is

Chameleon, chameleon … …

* My sincere thanks to Bob in the comments at this posting for Friday January 13th 2006 on Today in Iraq for the lyrics. The Graphic at the start of this post and the one below are both from the Jakarta July 2004 ASEAN Regional Forum conference at the end of which Powell and 5 senior US officials dressed up as the 1970s disco group beloved of closet queens everywhere "Village People" and pranced around singing the 1970s disco bunny hit "YMCA." If you go to ARF's photogallery site you'll notice that these photos are conspicuous by their absence.