Friday, March 31, 2006

Women and Children First

Whenever I go to the USA I'm always shocked at the dire level of poverty in the country. The USA government itself admits that one sixth of its children live in poverty. I've been stopped by children and asked for food. Not even money for food just food.

This photograph taken yesterday Thursday March 30, 2006 is of a mother holding her sick child as she begs on the streets of Baghdad. I've previously published photographs of Iraqi children scavenging in garbage dumps for food.

When Bush and his corrupt government said they wanted to remake Iraq in America's image they were, for once, telling the truth.

Go home and stay there most Iraqis believe that Saddams's regime was better than what America and her allies have managed to do in their racist colonial takeover of Iraq.

That is a uniquely shameful achievement. Well done.


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