Sunday, May 07, 2006

Basra is a 'safe zone' no more

We've been here before:

Fatal Basra crash sparks unrest

Remember this?

British tanks storm Basra jail to free undercover soldiers

You can refresh your memory about what that was all about here:
"Incident" in Al Amarah

You've got to love this masterly piece of understated headline writing from the Beeb:

Basra is a 'safe zone' no more

Two quick points:

  1. The tactic has precedents in Northern Ireland, where helicopters were routinely used to avoid the threat from IRA bombs and snipers in "bandit country."

    - Yes true and the tactic stopped being used when IRA got weapons capable of shooting those helicopters down.

  2. "Helicopters are increasingly being used to replace vehicle patrols in the region."

    - In other words they've completely lost control and they're isolated in their bases.

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