Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Failed States Index - 2006

"For the purposes of this index, a failing state is one in which the government does not have effective control of its territory, is not perceived as legitimate by a significant portion of its population, does not provide domestic security or basic public services to its citizens, and lacks a monopoly on the use of force. A failing state may experience active violence or simply be vulnerable to violence."

The Failed States Index

The report is well written, well researched, and well diagrammed. One for your bookmarks.

Speaking of failed states:

Last year offered several good illustrations of what might be termed “pockets of failure” within otherwise strong and stable states. In the United States, Hurricane Katrina exposed gaping holes in the country’s disaster preparedness. Viewers around the world watched in astonishment last August and September as the world’s superpower left thousands of its citizens stranded for days.

The Failed States Index

Mission accomplished, a heck of a job, well done.


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