Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Looking For Work Is A Dangerous Business

What do you look for if you're a bomber? You look for concentrations of people. In particular you look for a predictable pattern of concentrations of people. In a country whose economy has been destroyed what can be more predictable than people will look for work. People have to eat — the food ration upon which so many Iraqis depend can't exactly be described as generous, it's not surprising that you see so many malnourished Iraqi children. People have to pay rent. The fact that the society in which you live has been "shocked and awed," invaded, and occupied on the basis of a pack of lies means that you'll take anything, anything, to get a bit of money to pay the rent, buy some food, children grow out clothes … … … So you ask around, by now every town in Iraq has a spot, a particular marketplace, a square, a street corner, where people gather early each morning making themselves available for casual labour.


That's the perfect place for a bomb.

There was just such a bombing in Baquba this morning. Casualties were light, "only" three people were killed and "only" twelve were so seriously wounded that they required hospitalisation. Of course the fact that they were so seriously wounded that they required hospitalisation means that they're not going to be able to work for quite some time which means that it's going to be even more difficult to to pay the rent, buy some food, buy some clothes for the children … … …

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