Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dividing Baghdad?

The situation in Baghdad is now so bad that the green zone government is quite seriously considering proposing to today's reconciliation conference dividing the city along East-West lines. You can find a (more or less) up to date map showing how mixed Baghdad is by sect here* [Opens in separate window - warning this is a large file and may take time to download.]

ThumbnailThis posting addresses a separate question; the massive human suffering (and economic disruption) dividing Baghdad would bring. The full-scale version of the map accompanying this posting can be found here [Opens in separate window - warning this is a large file and may take time to download.] Used in conjunction with the map from "Healing Iraq" the scale of violence that would accompany the population transfers involved becomes clear. I have listed below a rough guide to Baghdad neighbourhoods by income and activity.

Baghdad is divided by the Tigris River into two main areas: the left bank of the river is known as Al Rassafa, the right bank as Al Karkh. As a rule of thumb:
Al Rassafa
Highly commercialised, older, more run down, and the population is generally less prosperous (middle to low income.)
Al Karkh
Less heavily commercialised and in general more prosperous (middle to high income.) The exception to the "less heavily commercialised" rule is Al Mansur.

Ad-Dora: Residential
Al-'Adl: Residential
Al-Andalus: Residential-Commercial
Al-Atafiya: Residential
Al-Fajr: Residential
Al Firdaws: Residential
Al Hamra: Residential
Al Hurriya: Residential
Al I'lam: Middle to high income mixed use
Al-Janain: Middle to high income
Al-Jazair: Residential
Al-Jazirah: Commercial
Al-Jihad: Residential
Al-Kadhimiya: Residential
Al-Karama: Residential
Al-Khadhra: Mixed Middle to high income Commercial/residential
Al-Kindi: Commercial-Middle to high income
Al-Mansur: Mixed Middle to high income Commercial/residential
Al-Ma'rifa: Residential
Al-Mutanabi: Commercial-Middle to high income
Al-Qadisiyah: Residential Middle to high income
Al-Salam: Residential
Al-Tashrih: Mixed use Middle to high income
Al-Ummal - Residential
Al-Yarmuk - Residential Middle to high income
Arbata'sh Ramadan - Commercial-Middle to high income
Arbata'sh Tammuz - Residential/ Commercial
Ash-Shu'lah - Residential
At-Ta'mim - Residential
Az-Zahrah - Residential
Trablus - Residential
Al-A'adhamiya : Residential Commercial
Al-Amin : Residential Al-Kayalani : Industrial
Al-Idriss : Residential/ Commercial
Al-Jami'a : Residential/ Commercial
Al-Jazirah : Commercial/retail
Al-Karrada/Al-Sharkia : Residential/ Commercial
Al-Khalij : Residential
Al-Khasna'a : Residential
Al-Maghrib : Residential/ Commercial
Al-Mustansiryah : Residential/ Commercial
Al-Muthanna : Commercial-Middle to high income
Al-Nidal : Residential/ Commercial
Al-Qahira : Residential
Al-Quds : Residential
Al-Sa'dun : Commercial
Al-Sheikh Umar : Industrial
Al-Shabab : Residential
Al-Wahdah : Commercial Middle to high income
Al-Waziriya : Residential
An-Nil : Industrial
Ar-Rabih : Residential
Ar-Riyadh : Residential/Industrial
Arbata'sh Tammuz : Residential/ Commercial
Ar-Rasafa : Residential
Ash-Sha'b : Residential
Ash-Shammasiya : Residential
Babil: Commercial- Middle to high income
Eshbilya: Residential
Sumer : Residential/ Commercial
Tesha'a Nisan :Residential
Tunis : Residential
Ur : Residential- Commercial

Notes: *The original posting on "Healing Iraq" of which the map was part can be found here.


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