Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tribal chiefs in Amara sign 'solidarity pact'

A new deal tribal leaders in the southern city of Amara signed recently is seen as a harbinger of stability and security in southern Iraq.


Iraqi tribal leaders play pivotal roles in their areas but they have rarely shown such a degree of solidarity.

The pact the Amara chiefs have signed comes following reports of an upsurge in violence in the province recently.

Residents say "strange elements" have infiltrated the province and are spreading terror and fear in several areas.

Vehicles and passengers traveling provincial roads and highways are frequently attacked and robbed. Attacks targeting Iraqi police and armed forces have increased.

However, analysts say it is hard to coordinate efforts by Amara tribes who often differ over land and authority. They also have their own inter-tribal disputes and rivalries to handle.

The analysts say they suspect that certain tribal groups might even be involved in the spike of violence in the province.

Al Zamman


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