Sunday, August 27, 2006

At Least 19 Killed in Bombings Today

This child was one of today's casualties the man carrying him is his fatherThere were several bombings reported in Iraq today, at least 19 people were killed and at least 50 were wounded including the child seen in the photograph to the left being carried by his father. The bombings took place one day after al-Maliki's peace conference with tribal leaders.

A car bombing in al-Saadoun Street (central Baghdad) killed at least 9 and wounded 12. Al-Saadoun Street is close to the Sheraton and Meridien hotels in which a lot of foreign media have their offices. They're very heavily guarded by U.S. and Iraqi forces and it's likely they were the target.

There was another car bombing, this time a suicide bombing, near the Assabah newspaper building in Waziriya Baghdad. That's the second bombing in a few months. The was a similar attack in May that killed at least 3 people. Al-Waziriya is mostly residential and it's fortunate there weren't more casualties.

In Diyala province the al-Kobat district market in al-Khales was bombed, that bombing killed 6 and wounded 25.

In Kirkuk the Kurdistan National Union (KNU) offices in the al-Wassiti neighborhood (south Kirkuk) was car bombed for the second time in a few months. Today's attack killed 1 civilian and wounded 15.


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