Sunday, August 20, 2006

Eyewitness in Lebanon

This eyewitness video was shot by a Lebanese journalist Omar Nachabe. Scenes like this are broadcast all over the Middle East daily. It documents the destruction of villages in south Lebanon including Bint Jbeil as part of Israel's scorched earth policy.

Israel has now attacked again and today Hezbollah foiled the raid and one Israeli commando was killed Israel has also launched repeated violations of Lebanese air space with warplanes including today. Civilians are still being maimed and killed by unexploded Israeli ordinance (including the cluster bombs rushed to israel by the USA) to help kill as many civilians as possible.

All of this will be laid at the door of the US. The country that urged the Israelis to go to war, helped them plan it, gave them the money to do it, and are helping them stall the peacekeeping and reconstruction efforts. This isn't ethical or sensible, particularly not when you have more all those hostages, body bag occupants, soldiers in Iraq, particularly not when the US soldiers are acting seemingly exclusively againist one particular party in Iraq. The same party that controls your supply lines from the South. In your own interests get your Israeli ally under control, cut a deal in Iraq, take your quislings with you, and leave.


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