Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Here is a summary of the news

Here is a summary of the news:

  • Ram bombing 10 killed 4 wounded. (Karrada bank)
  • Bombing of bus carrying soldiers. 25 dead 24 wounded (Biji Close to Tikrit)
  • Suicide bombing in Palestine Street. 2 killed.
  • Four electricity board employees killed and four more wounded in an ambush (Baghdad.)
  • A Car bombing in Muqdadiyah, killed seven people and wounded 10.
  • 2 people killed and 2 injured in a bombing in Kirkuk.

Each of these attacks was targeting Iraqi forces loyal to the green zone government.

  • In al-Anbar 45 people travelling home from Syria to Najaf were abducted. According to the Najaf governorate's office their fate and location is unknown. ( Their location might be unknown their fate isn't. - mfi)
  • Karim Hammoud Faraj's home was stormed by gunmen who overpowered his security detail to do it. (He's under secretary of Finance in the green zone government and is abroad at the moment. So the gunmen had to make do with abducting his guards and carrying away all the weapons in the house. - mfi)

Oh and the green zone government's National Security Adviser Muwaffaq Al-Rubaie gave a speech today to the Baghdad Muhafazah* Council in which he said:

  • Phase 2 of AL-Maliki's security plan would be implemented soon.
  • No political criticism of the plan was acceptable because political support for the plan to deal with terrorism was paramount.
  • Green zone government forces are about to take over responsibility for the Salah ad-Din Muhafazah.
  • That by the end of 2006 Iraqi forces will take over responsibility for security everywhere in Iraq. By the end of 2006 he added (in case there was any possibility that his audience had misunderstood him) the green zone forces would bear sole decision making responsibility and would execute all military operations without help from the Multi-National Force.
  • Mark from Ireland strongly considered renaming this blog to "Oh Fuck" just to get it over with.

* "Governorate" often translated as "province" - mfi.

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