Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Global Catastrophe That Is The Work Of Misguided Zealots

"Take a moment to answer this question, please. When you kill a hundred innocent civilians and one terrorist, have you won or lost the war on terrorism? "Ah," you'd answer, "but this terrorist could have killed two hundred people, or a thousand people, or even more!" So I ask another question: If in killing 100 innocent people, you create five new terrorists and give them a popular base that then vows to give them aid and support, have you guaranteed an advantage to future generations or have you created an enemy you deserve?

On July 12, the Israeli Chief of Staff gratified us with a glimpse into the subtleties of military thinking in that country. The military operations in Lebanon, he says, "are going to push that country back 20 years". Well, I was in Lebanon twenty years ago, and it wasn't pretty. Following the statement, the general kept his word. I am writing this exactly twenty-eight days after Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers, such a highly fashionable military practice the Israelis use it themselves. ……… "

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