Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Have A Problem

I have a severe problem with the photograph and supplied text below:

Handout photoThe staff of the 47th Combat Support hospital in Mosul treat a wounded Iraqi soldier in a photo released by the Department of Defense. Military doctors say most of the U.S. injuries in Iraq are from explosive devices and shrapnel, with legs and arms especially vulnerable because they are not shielded by body armor. (U.S. Air Force/Staff Sgt. Jacob N. Bailey/Handout/Reuters)

The problem I have is this. Iraqi soldiers may get immediate emergency treatment at US facilities when they're injured. But they sure as hell get shifted out of there and into an Iraqi hospital as fast as possible. Moreover once they're in the Iraqi hospital they have to pay for their treatment. (Nor does a disabled Iraqi soldier get any sort of pension or aftercare.) The photo and accompanying text lead readers to assume that wounded Iraqi soldiers get equal access to the same superb medical treatment that US soldiers get in the US army medical system, and that's just not true. Then American commanders gripe about how reluctant Iraqi soldiers are to take risks. If the US occupiers display a complete lack of loyalty to their Iraqi janissaries they can't expect to get loyalty in return.


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