Monday, October 30, 2006

The Responsibility For This Attack Lies With The Occupying Forces

Residents reflected in pool of blood"US forces can also expect to face the fury of local people.

American troops hunting for a kidnapped comrade have this week mounted road blocks and patrols around the fringes of Sadr City, and many blamed the forces for failing to prevent the attack.

"The responsibility for this attack lies with the occupying forces," said Hamdallah Rikabi, a spokesman for Sadr's movement.

"Everybody knows that before this, this was a secure city and deploying the occupier's forces is just harming our security," he said. ………

AFP Report on Yahoo news.

The bombing in Sadr City was one of many today. According to Aswataliraq the toll now reaches 42 dead and 104 wounded. The death toll is going to go up because many of the wounded are not going to survive. The Sadr city bombing killed at least 28 and wounded at least 60. The other bombings were:

  1. A bombing in in al-Darieba Street (that's in al-Amel in southwestern Baghdad - mfi) three killed, three wounded.
  2. A bombing in al-Hurriya which wounded two.
  3. Three killed and seven and wounded in al-Harithiyah (western Baghdad -mfi.)
  4. Seven killed and 25 wounded in Bayaa' (southwestern Baghdad - mfi.)
  5. One dead and five wounded in Yarmouk (western Baghdad -mfi.)

The British are being forced to move their consulate in Basra to the safety of the local airbase. That's a very clear indication of how bad things are for the American led occupation. How so? Well the British consulate is occupation HQ for the entire south. They can't even secure their HQ anymore.

Mission accomplished.


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