Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The American Militiary Had No Immediate Comment

Salim Falih's son at his father's funeralHis father's name was Salim Falih. He was killed yesterday in the American assault on al-Shula. That's in Baghdad it's not particularly prosperous 'though it's nowhere near as poverty stricken as Sadr city which it abuts.

As usual the Americans "escalated" force the moment there was the slightest resistance. As usual the Americans called in air strikes. As usual it is a war crime do that. Not that that is ever a consideration for the American forces who have committed one war crime after another in Iraq. This particular war crime was relatively small scale by American standards in Iraq. The green zone "government" police put the dead from the American assault upon a civilian residential area at 5. Residents put the total at 9. I know who I believe and its not the "police." Forunately I don't have to worry about what some American occupation spokesperson has to say. Because, also as usual, they have "no immediate comment to make." It'll just be the usual pack of lies when they do get around to commenting.

The excuse for last night's assault on civilians was that it was a "raid" against followers of the "radical" Muqtada al-Sadr. There's nothing particularly radical about al-Sadr's theology it's relatively mainstream towards the stricter end of the spectrum, true, but relatively mainstream. What's radical is that so far he's refused to be co-opted. That's what AP mean when they use terms such a "radical" about any Iraqi in particular about any Iraqi clergyman or politician. What they mean is "not an Uncle Tom."

So what's in this now fatherless child's future? That's easy. Poverty and humiliation are his future. He's going to depend for his food, clothing, and education, upon the very people who the Americans tried to kill last night. He'll grow up with a searing hatred of the country that killed his father and made his life a misery. Maybe he will want revenge. I hope not. But it's likely. It is more than probable that you're looking at a future radical - made in the USA.

Mission accomplished.


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