Monday, November 20, 2006

اصوات العراق

Logo AswatalIraqAswataliraq (Voices of Iraq) is two years old today. It's the first place we check for news of Iraq. It's independent, thoroughly professional, and does it's best to be impartial. They cover not only security and political events but such vital matters as the cost of fool and of fuel.

Here's what, with their usual truthfulness and modesty, they have to say about themselves:

Aswat al-Iraq (Voices of Iraq) - the independent news agency

Aswat al-Iraq is an independent Iraqi news agency with contributions from a network of Iraqi correspondents spread throughout the country and from three independent Iraqi newspapers.

The agency began publishing in Arabic on 21 November 2004 and now provides services in Arabic, Kurdish and English through its website aswataliraq

The agency strives to produce balanced coverage of Iraqi developments in politics, culture, business, sport and civil societ. It works to be wherever the news is. But speed will not be its only goal; it aims in addition to speed at impartiality, accuracy and the use of a variety of reliable sources.

To the very best of its ability, the agency will avoid bias and will look at reality from a variety of perspectives, reporting both sides of the story and reflecting Iraq with all its political, ethnic and religious diversity, producing accurate news reporting, investigation, analysis and photography.

The agency is working to open constructive relationships with Iraq media organisations of all tendencies and with Arab and international media.

Aswat al-Iraq will strive to be a centre for training young Iraqi journalists and media technicians, as well as instilling professional skills, accuracy and impartiality in its own reporters and editors.

The agency is managed by a Board of Directors, all of them Iraqi, and an Editorial Committee composed of:

Editor in Chief: Zuhair al-Jezairy

Managing Editor: Abdul-Sattar al-Baidani

Editorial Secretary: Husain Mohammed Ajeel

We open our doors to all the media, dedicating ourselves to the idea that criticism is the best way to develop.

The team here at "guides" extend our congratulations and thanks and wish you "happy birthday"

Eid Milad Sa'eed!

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