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The Governor Of Maysan Is UPSET!

The governor of Maysan has had an upsetting experience. But first some other news from Iraq translated (as always in this series) from the Independent Arabic news service Aswat Al-Iraq:

The American army announced today, Saturday, that an American soldier was killed during a military operation in Al-Anbar governorate.

The killing of the soldier brings the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq according to American official data since the invasion, led by the United States against Iraq in March 2003 to 2886 troops.


One person killed another injured in two incidents. The dead man was shot by a British soldier. According to Karim Zeidi the dead man was shot in Karma (15 km northof Basra proper).

The road to Baghdad was blocked for 8 hours. A guard at the British compound was shot.


The security forces arrested three people suspected of involvement in bombings. The security forces commander stated to Aswataliraq that the suspects confessed and to have found explosives.

Baquba (East of)
A sweep by US and green zone government troops led to 43 people were arrested, they are suspected of being in the resistance. The green zone government spokesman claimed to Aswataliraq that some of the detainees had dual citizenship.

The Americans have announced yet another one of their "massive security sweeps" of Baquba. As usual they say it's based on accurate intelligence. And also as usual they complain that the resistance activities "destabilise economic growth in the city. "

This is puzzling. Are they upset that the local McDonalds franchise in the city isn't making enough to bribe the regional Haliburton rep or what?

The long planned athletics institute has opened. (A computer training institute opened last week -mfi)

Baghdad Bombing Casualties Toll increased.

Youth injured in today's thriple bombingIt's now 51 dead and 90 wounded from the three bomb attack carried out earlier today.

Salah al-Din (Tikrit)
Five green zone government troops travelling in an unmarked car were killed in an attack by gunmen.

Salah al-Din (Ad Duluiyah)
American patrol attacked. No reports of casualties.

Two separate bomb attacks on patrolling by green zone government (in reality pesh) in Kirkuk. No reports of casualties one police car blown up.

Khalis (near Baquba)
Two civilians shot dead in their car by unknown gunmen.

Baghdad Mortar attack near Malik bin Anas Mosque

Three people killed 6 wounded all of whom were members of the same family.
NB 1: At the time of the attack a conference chaired by Adnan Al-Dulaimi and attended by residents and both Sunni and Shia clergy to discuss how to protect the neighbourhood from attack and prevent ethnic cleansing was taking place in the Mosque.
NB 2:Shell fragments collected from the scene bore manufacturing dates from 2006.
Last month the dead man walking Nuri Al-Maliki "ordered" the "Iraqi" forces and their foreign overlords to identify the places from which missiles were fired and thus "put an end to this phenomenon which has become a source of real concern to the majority of the people of the city of Baghdad." The man has a gift for understatement if nothing else -mfi.

Two attacks three police killed in bombing. An agricultural contractor shot and killed.

A young man (25 years old) was shot and killed as he was planting a bomb by the side of the Jarf al-Sakhr road. The body hasn't been handed over yet according to Aswataliraq's informant.

Baghdad-Maliki - Japan
The dead man walking Nuri Al-Maliki had a meeting with the Japanese ambassador. He praised the now long departed Japanese troops. The Japanese ambassador said Japanese firms were looking forward to lots of juicy contracts. The report doesn't say if the dead man walking Nuri Al-Maliki asked for political asylum in Tokyo on the basis that there's no way in hell the Syrians will give it to him again. No matter how nicely the Americans ask them when the Americans finally realise that they'd better start to make nice the Syrians ain't gonna give 'im asylum. To the best of my knowledge and belief the Syrian Ba'aath party aren't a charitable organisation dedicated to providing retirement homes for people who promote American interests. To the best of the Syrian Ba'aath party's knowledge and belief the Syrian Ba'aath party aren't a charitable organisation dedicated to providing retirement homes for people who promote American interests.

The border crossing protection force haven't been paid for four months. 300 of them held a "peaceful and civilised" protest by dint of barging in the governor's office and telling him the were upset. He told them he was upset too.

Now let's see they're employed by interior ministry. Which is run by SCIRI which runs a lot of death squads. Which costs a lot of money. (Even if you do get it direct from the American embassy.) So there's an entire force unpaid for four months. They and their entire extended families are now really rather annoyed. They're ones who are responsible for trying to stop weapons coming into the country. It seems a bit stupi........ and a bit counterprocucti ..... Oh hang on this is the American occupation we're talking about.

Ah well at least we know for sure they'll vote Sadrist next time. - mfi
Sources: The media institutions contributing at present are:

* Al Sabah al Jadid newspaper - Baghdad
* Al Taakhi newspaper - Baghdad
* Hawlati newspaper - Al Sulaimaniyah
* Al Mannarah newspaper - Basrah
* Radio Annas - Baghdad


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