Sunday, May 21, 2006

Abdullah Yaseen Wept Alone

This is Abdullah Yaseen (his name Abdullah means "Servant of God") he's waiting outside Baghdad's Ibn al-Nafees hospital to receive his father's body.

His father, Yaseen Abd, was among the 13 people killed today Sunday, May 21, 2006 when a suicide bomber detonated his payload at the Safar restaurant in Karada. Karada's a fairly up-market southern suburb of Baghdad with relatively good security and the Safar restaurant was known to be used by police officers. Only relatively good however there's no such thing as real security in Iraq. How could there be?

Abdullah's country is under occupation and the occupiers have done their best to start a civil war there and to prevent a government being formed from the parties that are determined to hold the country together and demand that the occupiers leave. That's why the politcal process was deadlocked for so long. At present in Iraq the best that can be hoped for is "relative security" and relative security isn't good enough as Abdullah Yaseen now heartbrokenly knows. The ongoing war to destroy Iraq deliberately and knowingly waged on the basis of a pack of lies by the United States and her allies has claimed uncounted lives and wrecked countless others today Sunday, May 21, 2006 the child, Abdullah Yaseen, joined that number.At the same time as Abdullah was waiting to recieve his father's body. These three youths, relatives of people killed in the blast, were also outside the hospital trying to comfort one another. They at least had one another, someone to hold onto for comfort, but Abdullah Yaseen, "the Servant of God," was left to weep alone as he waited to receive his father's bomb-shattered corpse.


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