Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bombing of Imam Abdullah Ali al-Hadi shrine

Thre's really nothing much to say here that you can't read elsewhere. It's very bad news, the shrine is very important to the Shia. The bad news is alleviated only slightly by the fact that apparently nobody was killed. Baqoubah (بعقوبه) is the capital of the Diyala Governorate (province) well within what the Western Media insist on calling the "Sunni Triangle." Despite being heavily occupied and having both an airfield and an army base (which used to be called Camp Boom - you can guess why) it has never been completely subdued and the US army have repeatedly lost control of it.

The main thing that this bombing proves is that somebody or somebodies in Iraq are determined to ensure the breakup of Iraq provoking the majority into all-out civil war.


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