Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Obedient Poodle Says

"yes master" hang on I thought Basra was "calm" now. The British government assures us that all that the "volatile cleric's" supporters did was throw stones and set a tank or two on fire. Surely they've got the place back to being a "safe zone" by now. It's not as if there have ever been shocking things like British soldiers acting as agents provocateurs by running around the place dressed like followers of the "fire brand cleric" laden with explosives and other equipment and having to be rescued from the jail into which the police had thrown them.

I mean the Brits are good at the pacification by winning the hearts and minds type of thing aren't they? Aren't they? And it's certainly not the case that al-Sadr and his followers are opposing the break up of Iraq is it? And surely nobody could suspect that the administration in Washington wants war with Iran and that so does Yankee Poodle Tony. There's no evidence for any of that is there?

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