Thursday, May 11, 2006

In Which The Gorilla Prophesies

The cuffed and blindfolded boy together with the two cuffed and blindfolded adults are residents of Karbala they were arrested today Thursday May 11th, 2006 by Iraqi police for "suspected insurgent activity." In the second section of the graphic which I've made by simply joining the the two original photos together in sequence he is seen being led away to whatever fate awaits him.

He is, according to Reuters, a teenager. Well if so he's only just barely a teenager. It can be hard to tell the age of young Iraqis from photographs, so many of them have grown up chronically malnourished because of the sanctions imposed upon Iraq by the UN at America's behest that they're often very small for their age.

For the purposes of this posting I'm going to make a very big assumption.

I'm going to assume that there was some reasonable grounds for the arrest, some evidence, and not as so often happens in Iraq under the American occupation an informant meeting his quota.

I don't actually know whether that's the case or not, I'm just assuming it for the purposes of this posting. I do know that he's going to be brutalised either by Iraqi interrogators and/or by their American "handlers", I do know that he will terrorised either by Iraqi interrogators and/or by their American "handlers" and I do know that while he may not be a fully fledged "insurgent" now that he damned well will be one and with bloody good cause for it if he ever gets out. That's the inevitable result of what I know is going to be done to this boy . Even when there are valid grounds for arrest, even if he's as guilty as the day as long of attrocious crimes and not just of being unlucky as to who his relatives were (how much choice do you think a boy that young has? - Just asking.) The treatment that will be meted out to this boy by Iraqi jailers and interrogators and/or by their American "handlers" is guaranteed to fill him with a burning rage and hatred, particularly of Americans whom he will rightly blame for what is going to be done to him.

So I confidently predict that if and when he gets out. The first thing he'll want to do is to kill or maim an American or one of their Iraqi sidekicks but an American, any American, would be better, more satisfying, more just, and that in the blood soaked hell that is the Iraq created by the USA he's very likely to get lots of chances to do just that.

There's something else I know and it leads me to make another prediction all his relatives know what sort of revolting treatment is going to be dished out to him by his Iraqi jailers and interrogators and/or by their American "handlers" and they're not going to wait 'til he gets out before striking back.

There is nothing nothing that America can do to make things better in Iraq. America is the problem in Iraq everything else is a symptom, an effect, not a cause.



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