Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The position of women in Iraq and Iran

Iraq: The Women's Story

(Channel 4 Dispatches
Monday 8th May, 20:00 hrs)

This is British TV station Channel 4's microsite for their "Dispatches" documentary screened last Monday. Dispatches documentaries tend to be very good and this one is no exception.

You might also like to read what Gert has to say about the documentary. (Gert's blog is well worth reading.)

Women in pre-revolutionary, revolutionary and post-revolutionary Iran

(By: Monique Girgis, 1996)

This 3 page report is one to print and read a few times. It's a little dated now but still gives a good overview. I think she's too kind to the Pahlavis especially when it comes to the "White Revolution" but nevertheless it's well written, well researched, and well argued. Recommended.

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