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Iran Chamber

For those interested in learning more about Iran I recommend Iran Chamber generally. You may sometimes be very surprised at what you read — they strive to be balanced and accurate.

In the absence of a well-documented, comprehensive and permanent source on Iran/Persia that can accommodate many viewers' needs and wishes in providing information on all aspects of Iranian/Persian history and culture, and in compliance with the needs of those who are concerned with Iran/Persia and its issues, "Iran Chamber Society" (Andjoman-e Otagh-e Iran) was founded in 2001. "Iran chamber Society" is nonprofit without any political, religious and otherwise affiliations with any governmental institutions.

This society was founded in order to bring Iranologists and those scholars who are concerned with Iran/Persia together under one roof. Therefore, we invite all Iranian and non-Iranian scholars to join "Iran Chamber Society" and become contributing member and share their articles and papers on this platform with rest of the world. ... ... ...

The site is both comprehensive and well organised into the following main sections:

Art & Culture of Iran

"This is a comprehensive section, which pays lots of attention to Iran's culture, cultural events, music, religious music, musicians, musical instruments, visual arts, artists, cinema, film makers, language, literature, writers, poets and their biographies. Iranian old scripts and their fonts, museums, galleries, cuisines and their recipes, rituals, religions, Persian carpet, architecture and many more are covered here as well"

History of Iran

"This section covers the historic events, history of ancient Iran (Persia), birth of the Iranian (Persian) Empires, ancient Imperial Armies, historic inscriptions, Greek and Arab invasions, Iranian identity challenges, Mongolian invasion, rebirth of Imperial Iranian dynasties, Persian Gulf and its history. Historic movements and revolutions, contemporary history, history articles, historical personalities and photos are featured too."

Iran's Guide

"In this section attention's gone to Iran's cities, places, geography, facts and figures, national monuments, flags and national anthem, cities' dialing codes, government and ministries, Iranian embassies abroad, media and sport. Iranian all times personalities are covered here as well as Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran, education, higher education, universities in Iran, Iranian people and tribes."

Each of these sections has many articles all of which are either PDFs or are printer friedly.

The final section The Podium is a collection of articles on various aspects of Iranian society and history. I'm not going to say anything further about it because you really need to find out for yourself. I do however suggest that you download and print this article by Taymaz Rastin, written in October 2004 (PDF) "Past Failures and Present Opportunities: Iranian-American Relations and The Context of The Current Nuclear Standoff" Don't be put of be the fact that it's 38 pages long you're quite likely to want to read it again :-)

Finally on a personal note check out some of the photogalleries — if you've ever been they'll make you long to be back and if you haven't they'll make you long to go.


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