Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No Civilised Army Takes Children Hostage Until Their Father Surrenders

It doesn't matter what their father did or is suspected of doing, no civilised army takes children hostage until their father surrenders. I'm not going say anything further because to express my feelings I'd have to use language that would require me to ban myself permanently from my own blog. And no I'm not even slightly surprised after all American soldiers have openly admitted using Iraqi children as human shields:

"The first time he saw them, Mayer admits that he was making the calculations of a man in the midst of a war. He was tired, he was battered, and he was back at a Hit street corner that he had patrolled many times before. In Iraq, repetition of any sort could be an invitation of the wrong sort - an event for which insurgents could plan. So Mayer and Schuller took out some of the candy they carried, thinking that if children were around, perhaps the terrorists wouldn't attack."

and instead of being courtmartialed for it and thrown out of the army in disgrace they get approving articles written about them on Military.com.


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