Saturday, May 27, 2006

Forgive and Forget or Be Progressively Pre-empted

Take a good look at the photo of this woman taken yesterday Friday May 26th, 2006. She's running franticallly to the Al-Kindi hospital in Baghdad's Al-Nahda district. As she runs she's screaming that her sons have been killed undergone the last stage of progressive pre-emption in yesterday's bombing of a market there.

Now take look at the second photograph also taken taken yesterday Friday May 26th, 2006. This man is at the Al-Kindi hospital's morgue. He's searching unsuccessfully for a member of his family at al-Kindi missing probably terminally progressively pre-empted after the same bombing.

The bomb was placed under a car at an outdoor market in the al-Nahda area of Baghdad. Reports vary as to how many were killed and how many were injured. Al-Nahda's a bit of a dump really. The name means “renewal” or more accurately “renaissance”, and as you might expect with such a name it's one of Baghdad's poorer quarters. It's largely inhabited by Shia Iraqis and if you want to get the bus to one of the cities in the Shia south. The Nahda bus station is the one to go to. If you go there you'll see that the station is for poor people, mothers with young children, unemployed labourers, and now grandparents bringing their grandchildren to the relative safety of the cities in the Shia south.

Meanwhile Tony Blair, the poodle regnant of all colonialist hearts, who has loyally repeated one Cheney inspired lie after another, (and made up quite a few of his own) brings us this message from his master:

Blair says world must forget past and help Iraq

So Tony how will you be spending your weekend? I already know how this woman and this man will be spending theirs. Tony forget "The World" for a moment. How long do you think it'll be before Iraqis forget your role in sending so many of them to the morgue to search frantically for the bodies of the people whom they love as part of carving their homeland up?

OK Tone come over here for a moment. Tony, HEEL! That's a good boy. Have a biscuit. Tony you daft little poodle-brain you.... Are you really so stupid as to believe that all those ... you know brown people ... don't know what you mean when you talk about "progressive pre-emption?"


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