Thursday, May 25, 2006

Truth About Iraqis Speaks The Truth To You

From: Truth About Iraqis

Thursday, May 25, 2006
صبراً صبراً يا بغداد سحقاً سحقاً للغزاة

Iraq, where now, how did we get here, and hypocrisy.
This post is inspired by an email I got. Snarly best describes it. I posted this response at 24 Steps to Liberty.

I think it explains how I feel about the situation in Iraq.

There is no sovereignty in Iraq. It was revealed two days ago that Iraqi courts operate based on CPA laws, not Iraqi laws.

Several "insurgents" were given jail time because they broke Order 3. Go look it up.

Freedom is not worth 200,000 lives, am sorry.

Freedom is not worth having your brothers and sisters tortured and mutilated.

Freedom is not about having tens of thousands of armed units - gangs - kidnapping and murdering people and working under government supervision. A government you brought to power.

Freedom is not about having 60% unemployment and child nutrition far worse than pre-war levels.

Freedom is not about a debilitated power grid or failing phone system.

Freedom is not about Halliburton coming in and robbing both the Iraqi people and American taxpayers blind.

Freedom is not about raising the flag of reconstruction and then stealing monies from Iraq's oil money.

Freedom is not about standing idly by while the government is looted. Most of Iraq's advanced machinery is now in ... Iran.

Freedom is not about detention without charge. 35,000 Iraqis are in detention. Their families dont know where they are.

No charge. No court.

Freedom is not about the massacres in Haditha.

Freedom is not about the US humiliation of Abu Ghraib.

There were no elections in Iraq. So dont ask me. Bark all you want about it.

People in Wichita, Kansas have signed on to illegally invade and occupy a country that had nothing to do with you. Oppress and debilitate a people that can no longer even see their kids go to school.

They died? Sorry, but not for Iraqis, they died for a US foreign policy run amuck and criticized openly by former administrations on a daily basis.

Iraqis leave the house in the morning not knowing if they will ever see their loved ones again.

This is not the price to be paid for anything. But it is what the people in Wichita died for they died so Iraq can be a failed state.

Thank you.

Bottom line. Iraq is not an extension of Wichita. People of Wichita are welcome in Iraq if they come in good faith and as guests. We will welcome them with open arms, we will throw them grand feasts and we will talk about each others' lives.

But if they walk in carrying guns, they will be fought with guns.

If they walk in to oppress, they will be suppressed.

Yes, I blame the US policies for what has happened in Iraq.

Almost every Iraqi I know blames the US for what has happened in Iraq.

You only think of Saddam. You only talk of Saddam. You only bring up Saddam when it is convenient. That is all you can do. That is your only government.

"Heck boy, Saddam killed ya off, sees, so we git to do the same. Semper fi and land of the brave and you have democracy now!"

But who do you think favored Saddam when he fought Iran for you?

Who do you think favored Saddam when he hunted down, murdered and hung communists from the lampposts in Iraqi cities?

Who gave Saddam loan guarantees in the 1980s and trade incentives?

Live in your own hole filled with lies. At the end, Iraqi is for Iraqis. And like the body fights a virus to dispel it, the foreign occupier will be ejected.

Or both body and virus will die together.

And don't send me rosy emails as if you are genuinely interested in debate and discussion.

You have no inkling of how to debate.

US foreign policy is not built around debate and discussion.

Iran has repeatedly called on one-to-one talks with the US only to be rebuffed. Watch the US administration rebuff Ahmadinejad.

The US media has labelled him a devil and so now the premise is "How can America deal with the devil?".

In the 1990s, Iraqi officials called on the US repeatedly for one-on-one talks to be rebuffed every single time.

And then US leaders stand up and say they gave diplomacy every change they did. Lies.

North Korea has asked for one-on-one talks with the US but the US has refused.

Why? Ask yourself why. Go back and study the past 50 years of US foreign policy.

Sorry, but Iraqis are being raped and murdered far, far more than before.

And now foreign intelligence units are involved. Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel. The list is endless.

But then again, I don't expect more from you.

This is how it works. An invading army destroys a house and then asks the occupants to rebuild it. But it shoots and kills the workers.

It also allows people from a neighboring house to steal your materiel.

You have no home, you are exposed to thugs and gangs.

But still the invader blames you for letting your house "fall". Blames you for not protecting your materiel. Blames you for not standing up to the thugs.

So you pick up a gun to fight the thugs, but the thugs have convinced the invader you are a terrorist and bang, you're taken out like in a video game.

The thugs also convinced the invader that your children are terrorists, so, bang, bang, bang the invader takes out your kids as well.

I think it is the epitome of arrogance to ask me and other Iraqis what we will do.

The onus is on you, not us. You want us to build a just society? Get out then. And stop supporting dictatorships.

If you are so high and mighty about Liberty, I would like to call on the US military to invade the following countries:

Saudi Arabia which tortures maims and beheads its citizens on a nearly daily basis. The most basic of freedoms are denied its citizens. Women in Saudi Arabia are tossed about as political fodder and must be clad in Darth Vader outfits to hide their faces and skin. They cannot even drive.

No, instead you invaded Iraq where Iraqi women were the most liberated in the entire Arab World.

Invade Bahrain where a Sunni minority kingship has ravaged the Shia majority for 32 years.

32 years! You are so big on protecting the Shia, right? So go ahead. Send the boys and girls of Wichita to protect the Shia who have endured horrific human rights abuses.

Yallah 3ad! Do it! Protect liberty wherever it is stifled.

I call also on the invasion of Tunisia for similar reasons. And an invasion of Jordan, because the secret police there is one of the most merciless in the world.

What of Egypt? Egypt just gave you the finger, why not invade it? It has rolled back 20 years of democratic development (lack thereof) and practically made Gamal Mubarak the Son-God or Sun-God.

No, no my fellow Arabs. I do not rightly call on the invasion of any countries because I am tired of seeing mothers weep. But I am trying to show the hypocrisy of those who come to the Iraqi blogs pretending they understand the Middle East, Islam, rah, rah, rah.

Their veil of fighting in foreign lands for liberty is an illusion.

Why no invasion of Saudi Arabia? The house of Saud il mal3oun have been the US strategic allies for 70 years and the oil just keeps flowing.

Bahrain has opened its arms as base of the US navy. If true democracy were applied in Bahrain, the Shia would come to power and ask you to leave.

So, nope, no liberty for Bahrain, status quo fits us fine.

Egypt and Jordan? Why heck, dontcha know they have ties with Israel? If true democracy developed in both nations, the people would vote to cut of relations with Israel until at the very least the Occupation of Palestinian land is resolved.

So, why was Iraq the only country to be invaded? Is it the only country with a dictator? Is it the only country lacking democracy in the Middle East?

Why is it when Iraqi officials in the current government recently rebuffed Israel, the US government cried foul?

Ah ....

We did not invade and litter your home or destroy your heritage (see damage in Babylon and elswhere).

You invaded ours. You want an answer to your questions, get out and let us rebuild.

As my brother Baghdad Treasure said. Get out. Go home.

The virus will be ejected.

Reproduced here in it's entirety by gracious permission of "Truth About Iraqis"


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